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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:03 pm    Post subject: GABEL: THE OFFICIAL KM SONG BY SONG FE YO WE'W CD REVIEW! Reply with quote

Here is the OFFICIAL KOMPA MAGAZINE song by song cd review of the GABEL CD "Gon Jan Pou Ye"

*FE YO WE'W: Features T-Vice's Roberto Martino on the track. Good strategy/business move for both. Gabel gets a major star on a track, and TVice has new material on the market. It is a nice catchy phrase that will easily stay on people's tongues for the remainder of the year just like "GON'W JAN POU YE". Nice groovy track to kick off the cd. Nice guitar at the 4:19 mark, hopefully that can be done live as is, IF it's Roberto who dropped that "GITA LA RI A". Just when you are getting all hyped up about the track, it cuts off for the famous "RES LA POU BAL" tactic.

*FANM SA MARE'W: Gabel's Ti Pashou hitting us with some new sounds at the beginning of the song. Very catchy chorus/melodies, but there's too much happening in the background in terms of the music, and that takes the feeling off a little of having pure enjoyment. The beat is innovative, but I really think the group should have a REMIX of this song with SIMPLE BACKGROUND MUSIC to accompany the very catchy melody/chorus...to make it easier to digest for the compas love purists. Very surprised by TI PASHOU's vocals.....SOLID. FLAV delivers of course.

The song stays in my mind because of the catchy melody, but will the average listener be like me in terms of not letting the distractive BUT INNOVATIVE beat throw your flow on the catchy chorus? A suivre. If this song is or was going to be a hit, if they do the REMIX, it will be a BIGGER one with the ability to appeal to more. I like the rap at the beginning of the track. I'M SINGING THE CHORUS ALREADY...AGAIN. Yes it does have a Carimi feeling to it a little bit.

*BABY DON'T CRY: Very enjoyable track to LISTEN to...and to bop your head to as well. They tease us with a BEAUTIFUL KEYBOARD at the 1:54 mark, before they go back to finish explaining the song in lyrical terms. A keyboard at the 3:36 mark WAKES UP THE SONG as it was falling asleep due to the nature of the song ...The 4:20 BOB DOLL guitar LA RI is excellent, and also well accompanied by the "CHERI...PA KOUTE BOB DOLL....SE KATALOG KI BAY LOV". GUITAR SA BIEN CHITA, especially when he repeats it again. It's a music lover's track with a little touch of LA RI keys on the guitars and keyboards to keep you in check. KATALOG actually is not bad on this love track when he does his vocal part. That's usually reserved for FLAV. I can see people enjoying this on the dance floor.

*GON'W JAN POU YE (Remix): One of the most popular slogans in the HMI last year when the original version of the song was released....if not the most popular slogan. This song should have received a better reception than what it got, or maybe I should say that Gabel should have gotten more out of this song/slogan than what they did SONG HIT WISE. Maybe this remix MIGHT do the trick. Who knows. One thing for sure...SLOGAN SA PASSED THE TEST WITH FLYING COLORS DEJA.

*I BELIEVE IN YOU: (Feat.NAILA KHOL) Just for the heck of it, purely for potential purposes, this should be one of the first music videos that manager Patrick Fabre gets the wallet out to pay for. When you get collabos like this with an artist from another market, you simply just never know WHERE it might take you. You just don't know which ears/eyes will fall on a track like this. I like this track.

*KONSYANS: That piano solo at the 2:03 mark where Katalog says "Pashou wap jwe ak konsyans yo" is very nice. This is Gabel on straight up kole sere mellow mode. This song will appeal to the people who really love their compas slow ploge style...slower than the typical compas love genre...and SI OU PLOGGE MIN'M...Watch couples get lost on the dancefloor when it comes to this track.

*PA KITE MOUN POU MOUN: At the 1:18 mark the song picks up. It is a song that showcases PASHOU's keyboard skills well, as well as Bob Doll's guitars, but apart from that, the song really does not do anything for me. The title of the song is very catchy and appealing, and they could do something with that. This song also WILL DO DAMGE "LIVE" if they push it and play it well. This is the type of song that the studio does NOT do justice to, but LIVE it has tremendous potential to work very well.

*DAT'S OK: Caught my attention from the first note....FOR THE MUSIC, however I have to admit that when Katalog first comes in, his strong voice for me throws off the soft song a little bit. After the wakeup call from the first line, KATALOG gets better at guiding this song to the promised land. Katalog cracks me up when he says "CHERIE..SE PLAS OU A YO VLE....JALOUSIE". The guitar at the 4:00 minute mark spices up the track a bit, and KATA's "Cheri...Ou we tout zanmi'w kap pale'm mal yo....nou pral danse anba ZYE yo la." (Classic Line)

*9.9: Straight up FLEX YOUR COMPAS MUSCLES track. Putting the blame on the powers that be in terms of why the country gets no respect around the globe to the point where they don't even mention us. BE PROUD OF YOUR COUNTRY PATRIOTIC track that radios should push hard. BON COMPAS, CATCHY GROOVES , GREAT TOPIC...It is very radio friendly. Possibly the BEST GROOVE SONG ON THE CD....up to this point. I couldn't stop bopping to this track. "TONE BOULE'M PRALE....PRALE"...Mwen fanatik mizik sa anpil.

*LI RENMEN: PASHOU's voice catches my ears right away. WOWWWWWW! He is not only talented on the keyboard, he is also extremely good on the vocals....possibly the best vocalist out of the 3. This is the kind of song that I tend to call "CD DECORATIONS" because you don't really expect them to play it LIVE, or if they do, it is up in the air if their LIVE followers are going to give the song a chance, but having said that....WOW..WOW..WOW...TI PASHOU has an amazing voice.

*KONFESYON: Amazing vocal display at the beginning of this song by FLAV....right after I said that Pashou "might" be the best vocalist in the group on the last song. (LOL...I am putting a HOLD on that Ti Pashou statement after listening to this song)...BEL FEELING in terms of the music and chorus with this track. This song should have been HIGHER IN THE PECKING ORDER in terms of the song placement on the cd. It is one of the best and catchier tracks on the cd. WITHOUT A DOUBT....One of my favorite tracks on the cd. The guitar at the 4:04 mark and when FLAV accompanies it with his voice...BEAUTIFUL. This might be FLAV's best vocal display on a record so far in his career. I played this song 5 times...back to back to back. Non....SA BON ET LI BON ANPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL! FLAV, if you have to put your own money to make this music video....DO IT..DO IT..DO IT...and not when it's too late.

*ANBISYON: GROOV workout. A good message song filled with TI PASHOU showing off his keyboards again. (Lol) Nou konen ou bon papa...no need to SHOW OFF......SHOW OFF! (LOL). Katalog tells Yanvaloo yo pa bay Gabel "NADA". A solid track.

*PA ALE: This one is another solid track sung by FLAV, but because it is so close to the "Konfesyon" song, it did not have more impact on me that it rightfully deserves to. The song's chorus is easy to remember, even though it might not be as catchy as other prominent compas love tracks on the cd. Nevertheless, it is a solid track.

*PALE KREYOL: TI Pashou again pushes the envelope in terms of the daring beats he uses on this cd. This beat is as daring as the one used on "Fanm Sa Mare'w". The message is to encourage us to speak KREYOL because it's ours "Pou Kreyol fe Gol". ROSERBIE absolutely steals the song with her delivery on the chorus. Wesner does a great job on the congas as well on this track. This song sounds more like a jingle for a "PALE KREYOL" campaign, and I actually see this as being able to be pushed as some campaign jingle on televisions and radios in Haiti.

*TI PASHOU is a breath of fresh air for the HMI, and he may just have gotten his spotlight break with this band. Gabel might not be a household name in the HMI on the same ladder as more popular bands, but the manager's desire to push this band will get the spotlight rightfully deserved by this brilliant composer/studio genius. He just has to be careful in order not to be too ahead of his time musically (Daring wise) for the audience that is following Gabel.

*The band has material to make noise, and there are a couple of songs here that can give the group a major hit. It all comes down to the public and how those songs and the cd are pushed.

*Good move in trying to establish KATALOG on the compas love format as well as the band does not want him to be known only as an uptempo singer. They are trying to not let that tag get to him. Good business move. KATALOG is the next big LA RI singer....Don't lose his identity.

*GABEL as a Miami band, in the COMPAS LA RI capital of the world, should be very careful about NOT losing their hardcore compas fans from the first cd. The band is more of a keyboard led band now, and they need to spotlight the guitar MORE than they did on the cd...and we don't just mean on the uptempo songs. They are walking a very thin line where the slow compas love tracks are outshining the hardcore compas songs in terms of hit potential. Keep it tight so you don't get the Nu Look/Gazzman syndrome, and also so they don't say that GABEL is getting SOFT.

*TOO MANY SONGS ON THE CD: This cd has 14 tracks on there. When a cd has too many songs, that's too many choices available to the consumer for them to be able to digest and push the HIT CONTENDERS to the forefront. The less tracks on a CD (10 is ideal) the better, as you leave the fans begging for more...waiting for the next studio cd.

*MY FAVORITE SONGS "KONFESYON", "FANM SA MARE'W", "BABY DON'T CRY", "9.9". I just wrote MY FAVORITES, but the cd has other solid songs on there besides MY 4 FAVORITES. So please....Don't get it twisted.

THE BOTTOM LINE: GABEL does have a very solid cd with some songs that have HIT POTENTIAL. Now it's up to the group to take advantage of this cd and take the group to the next level on the HMI ladder. I enjoyed this cd, and I think many will as well if given the chance. BRAVO Gabel. I think with this CD...NOU PAP GIN PWOBLEM POU'N FE YO WE'W"

Phone: (646) 529-5735
E-Mail: Kompamagazine@gmail.com

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ah Papa...Bel Gren REVIEW...
Depi'w tande KM Lage yon Review Konsa...
Se Mache Prese al la Bank...
Al lage tout kob nou lan Plis Pwomosyon Rapido Presto ..
Sa vle di Djaz la gen Bagay lan main'l wi..
Alors, Ti Mesye'm yo..Degaje nou...
Well done Pat..

" KM" 1Lov's Hometown Newspaper..
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's very good CD...
I have been listening to it all day.....
The guys did a fantastic job.....
Now, it's up to management to do a heavy promotion...
ma'p tann New York release la pou'm al FE YO WE'M....
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pat because of your review i am going to buy this cd.

M pa santi djaz la promote tet li menm nan NYC a.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dat's ok sa se mizik m pi renmen sou album nan selsa m ka di album Gabel la tres monotone sanble neg yo bay yon sel producer kredi a men apre sa bon bagay ou paka nenpot kijan nan lari a gon jan pou yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Laughing Laughing Laughing Bon bagay wi la

Neg yo fe' yo we'w .....

Well pachuko guinle' we' yo vreeeeeeeee Razz

epi Nada mi'm yo pa ban'n .... Razz
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sanble Ti Pachou fe goal sou ni Ti Linet ni Dano lol. Good job Gabel. Epi si review sa pa fe jazz la vann omwen 5mil copy se pa fot Pat.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Definately one of Gabel's best work. Ti Pachou put his work in and they definately delivered.

All they need now is Promo. Gin album pou yo fe bagay. Lage video epi djaz la bezwin yon Rep nan NY. Manke promo ici a
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