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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:14 pm    Post subject: T-VICE: KOMPA MAGAZINE CD REVIEW OF WELCOME TO HAITI! Reply with quote

Here is the SONG BY SONG Breakdown of T-VICE's "WELCOME TO HAITI" CD. Better late than never.

*KIF KIF: Uptempo kickoff number. A rally the troops "US AGAINST THEM" type of song that TVICE has done quite a few times before in their catalog. The song gets you in the mood for the cd right away. T-Vice's "Masters of the groove" deserved tag is proven on this track. When they go into the line "KI MELE DADA'M SAK PA VLE WE'M...KI MELE DADA'M SAK PA RINMIN'M"; Roberto and the crew actually indirectly acknowledge that they do care about wanting to get the approval of "these" people that they are targeting in this song. If you know what you are worth already and after so many years in this business of being one of the top bands in the business, T-VICE should not have to worry about that; but hey, it is what it is. Nice keyboard groove on this track as Reynaldo goes berzerk. Nice bal rocker filled with grooves to your heart's content. T-Vice should watch it in doing too many of these "Us against the world" type of songs so that it does not start to get redundant.

*TANPRI SOUPLE: From the vocals, to the Background vocals, the music's instrumentation, the words scream "beautiful". This is a formula that was tried on "Beaute Dangeureuse" from the last cd in teaming Roberto and Olivier together on the lead vocals, with the addition of "DWET CELESTE LA" Nickenson Prudhomme. The formula is back in full force again on this track. Nice guitar work by Roberto as well on this tune. This tune had me rewinding the cd at least 5/6 times before I decided to move on to the next song. RADIO and BAL FRIENDLY....IT SHOULD BE A HIT.

*WELCOME TO HAITI: I loved the intro (HIP/Young...In Vogue), as well as the message behind the track. The door is open...come back and invest. That killer groove in the middle of the song should rock the crowds at HMI bals. BLACK DADA's appearance on the track is cool, but I felt it was a bit too short. I wished they would have given us more of that INTOXICATING groove solo that Reynaldo drops "only" twice in the track. (Lol)

*TELL ME WHY: The song does not really start until that killer "siwel" keyboard comes in....THAT will do damage at bals/clubs; and that is probably where I see DJS mixing in that song when they want to rile up a crowd. Extremely commercial song with catchy chorus with not too many words, which makes it easy for even a 5 year old to learn quickly. Roberto's voice displayed during the parts where the keyboard is mimicking the notes that he is singing; takes away from the song a little bit because it could have been better. I feel Roberto might have gone away from his vocals comfort zone there; having said that it will not have any major effect on how popular or big the song has the potential of becoming; because I found myself humming along with Roberto on the same part that I am criticizing his vocals on. YOU GO FIGURE! If they play their cards right, this song can have a big impact. Arly Lariviere is credited on this song as a LYRICIST, and you can see it in these very LARIVIERE like lyrics "Pouki SE MWEN MIZER RINMIN", or "Pouki se toujou coeur'm ki chwazi moun ki pou detrui'l...L'espri'm mwen met di NON...Min coeur'm toujou vle pran devan"...THIS IS BRILLIANT STUFF.

*EPI'M PA BON: On this track, the group wants other bands to give them credit for what they've done in the business before....those who act like they forgot. (Not sure which bands Vice crew is talking to). Good bal shaker in the mold of "Chache Fanm Paw". Feel good song that caught my attention when I got a preview on the phone before the cd was officially released. JAMES CARDOZO FE "GOL" with his rap part on this track. Having said that; this is the kind of song that TVICE does in "their sleep"; and after listening to the whole cd, I was wondering why this song was chosen as the first music video; simply because we're not sure if it's going to bring anything "new" to the T-VICE trophy collection...because yo fe style/type de muzik sa yo deja...AND OUI LI BON.

*FE'M VOLE: The guitar acoustic intro is beautifully done. It is followed some nice instrumentation and lyrics. EXCELLENT VOCALS BY OLIVIER DURET. The song is like a spoon of honey that gets sweeter as you swallow it. Close your eyes and enjoy. Mizik sa "sukre" anpil in a very feel good type of way with a catchy chorus.

*THIS IS IT: The song features TI JOE ZENNY (Kreyol La). The "OU FE SA" deja part "can" be big LIVE if they develop it more in terms of emphasis during their live shows. The rap part between the two HMI heavyweights (Roberto and Ti Joe) is SURPRISINGLY good as they trade their "resumes" back and forth. "MWEN SE CHEF APACH LA...NUMERO 10 LA" Ti Joe explains as he goes on, and Roberto returns with "MWEN SE MET BETON AN...CHEF REVOLUTION AN..."Surprisingly done well. The keyboard work on this track during the "Ou Fe Sa Deja" part reminds me a little bit of Carimi "LIVE". This comes down to a JAM SESSION with a big superstar appearance, and TVICE/KREYOL LA parties in the HMI during the year will make this very interesting to see.

IMPORTANT NOTE...Even if they don't do a video for this song, THEY SHOULD USE THE ROBERTO/TI JOE "Rap part" as an OUTRO to one of their other music videos. In other words after the other song ends, they should paste a VIDEO MONTAGE of that 1 minute RAP PART featuring ROBERTO/TI JOE. Very Very Important.

*TOI ET MOI: TOTALLY DIFFERENT. The track that comes out of nowhere and shakes up the cd with something FRESH. It catches you from the very beginning. This is nothing like they've ever done before. The rock guitar adds great effect in the background. The beat is awesome as they are looking at other markets with this track (Also sung Partly in FRENCH). They' "COMPASsize" it during their bals in the HMI markets and that makes it appealing to different crowds. TVICE...DO NOT LET THIS SONG GO WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING WITH IT (Example...Ayiti Pap Kraze from the last cd). One of our favorites on the cd WITHOUT A DOUBT whether it's the studio version, or the COMPASsized LIVE version. I envision a CONCERT TYPE MUSIC VIDEO with this one; with the crowd singing/yelling along with flicking lights in the air as they waive it from left to right or vice versa.

*POU MWEN SEUL: The vocal style/music sounds like it could have been from an older TVICE batch of songs from many years ago; that they went back to the archives to complete it and put it on the new cd. When REYNALDO brings in the KEYBOARD SOLO PART...THAT IS WHEN IT WAKES UP THE SONG. "I like the "sounds" used on this track in terms of the keyboard, as well as the chorus. TO ME, They made a mistake because when they used the VOCODER part, it gave the song a whole new different feel; and unfortunately when it's really getting good, that is when they END the song. It makes you wonder why they did not do that for the entire song, or at least half of it.

*KPK (Song/Video released already): Bunch of different sounds highlight this previously released track. Maybe those sounds were on the original version; because if they were, I did NOT notice them until THIS version. This song also reenforces my thought that REYNALDO MARTINO is an innovator in terms of INTRODUCING NEW SOUNDS ON THE KEYBOARD in the HMI market; much in the same mold as NICKENSON and RICHARD CAVE. I like when keyboardists don't go with the same normal/regular sounds of Compas.

*MWEN DAMOU: Interesting beginning to this feel good love song, but when JPERRY/TPO comes in, it lights up a fire under the song's ass. (lol) "BEEP BEEP BEEP...MY HEART GOES LIKE THIS..." chorus will be fun for the ladies and gents, and there is a very solid guitar joint by Roberto on this track. This is a solid track that unfortunately in my opinion, will be the victim of too many other good songs on the cd WITH MORE PRIORITY TO THE BAND.

*NOU PAP LAGE: NOU PAP LAGE: Earthquake tribute song ends the cd. Very touching tune that touches the heartstrings while at the same time gives "hope" to the people and tells the nation to GET UP. Having said that, it is a powerful song; BUT NOT IN THE SAME CALIBER as "HAITI PAP KRAZE" from their last cd. They should have made a quick visual of this one, just to have it blasting on the radio and tvs in Haiti throughout the year. They missed the boat the last time with HAITI PAP KRAZE in terms of pushing a song of major significance to a nation; they should have done the same with this, even if it was a quick, cheap, 1 take with 2 cameras video just sitting in a room.

*KUDOS to ROBERTO MARTINO for showing GREAT LEADERSHIP in terms of putting his ego aside and letting OLIVIER DURET sing LEAD VOCALS on 5 of the 12 songs on the cd. OLIVIER DURET is a huge asset for the group, and there are other HMI band leaders that might not have done that. OLIVIER brings an extra dimension to the group that they did not have before, and that is on top of the many good assets that the group already had. HOLD ON TO HIM TIGHT!!!!!!

*T-VICE also show great business sense by TEAMING UP WITH MAJOR HMI PLAYERS to bring new flavor to their record. The usual suspects RICHIE/NICKENSON are back once again; but this time they bring in ARLY LARIVIERE, TI JOE ZENNY, and producer POWER SURGE to add to their music/sound. Excellent move.

*CARDOZO FE "GOL" on the "Epi'm Pa Bon" rap part; I just wished that they could have at least featured him a bit more, perhaps on one other song.

*WEAKEST SONG: This is a bit funny because there are no bad tracks per se on the cd because they are all strong joints; but if I had to choose one, I would go with "POU MWEN SEUL"; but the funny thing is that THAT SAME WEAK TRACK HAS ME REWINDING IT OVER AND OVER...JUST FOR THE PART TOWARDS THE END OF THE SONG with the VOCODER...That I wished they had more of it. The song grabs me right there towards the end of the track...and mwen paka lague'l. Just when the best part of the song comes in...YO BAY LI VAG.

I will give you a hint, I was the same one that DID NOT LIKE "Chache Fanm Paw" on the last STUDIO CD (I emphasize the STUDIO version); but when TVICE played it LIVE...They made it THE HOTTEST TRACK ON THEIR LAST CD. Maybe they will make me eat my words here again with "POU MWEN SEUL"...or they might let it go into obscurity like they do with so many of their good songs (LE COMPAS from a past cd being one of them that I feel they did not push enough)

*U NEED TO CHILL ON...The "US AGAINST THE WORLD" types of songs. I understand that it's good to "rally the troops" and get the "fanatic malades" all riled up; but when you keep complaining that you are not getting respect, or are bragging hard to try to remind people that you did this or that BEFORE, it comes off as if you are insecure in your own skin; which shouldn't be that way because no one in their right minds would dare say that T-VICE isn't one of the most successful bands of all time in the HMI. TVICE "JWE POU GINYIN" (LOL), and if YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOOD...Ain't no need to sweat it.

*BEST SONGS: TANPRI SOUPLE, TELL ME WHY, TOI ET MOI, WELCOME TO HAITI. These are my FAVORITES and they can score big with those tracks. I also like a lot of the other songs, but the ones that I mentioned are MY FAVORITES.

*VICE WORDS: TVICE has never been known as a "LYRICS" band, but with the songs "Welcome to Haiti", "Toi ET MOI", and "TELL ME WHY", they scored major points...having said that, THEIR GROOVES still remain the strong point of the group. Even though the majority of the guys are in their thirties/late 20's, they still manage to stay HIP (Close to the streets and the YOUNG CROWD) with their music. Thei advantage also has always been because they appeal to a diverse crowd RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE. They can appeal to the HARDCORE compas direct fan, as well as the BUBBLE GUM Compas lovers.

They scored again with this cd and it shows that they are trying to perfect a style/sound that we can say the "TVICE SOUND" that they started on their last studio cd "Kite'm Viv". TVICE bashers better look for something else to bash the group on because THIS CD ISN'T IT. TVice does not give them a chance to use this cd as a launching pad. I enjoyed the cd very very much.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The only song I did not like on the CD was the Arly song it would have been better served if Olivier sang that song.

Overall a good album
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Haitianone wrote:
The only song I did not like on the CD was the Arly song it would have been better served if Olivier sang that song.

Overall a good album

samething here i don't feel arly track at all
nice break down pat epi'm pa bon non mezanmi
la verite n'a pas de masque, il parait

le monde est gouverne par de tout autres personnages que ne se l'imaginent ceux dont loeil ne plonge pas dans les coulisses


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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:54 pm    Post subject: Re: T-VICE: KOMPA MAGAZINE CD REVIEW OF WELCOME TO HAITI! Reply with quote

It's a very solid album, but I think it could be better. There are lot of solid tracks on that cd, but I don't think there is a HIT on that cd. Gen mizik ki ap mache sou cd ya, men mwen pa santi HIt.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

thanks for the review and its a good one as usual
my favorite song is epi'm pa bon, they did a good job with the track and the video,my problem is the "CARDOZO FE GOAL" part....mwen pa we ki kote cadozo fe goal ak ti rap li a, i just don't see it. To me Cardozo is the most talentless artist( i don't know if i can use the word artist to describe him) of all time in the hmi. MY PERSONAL OPINION OF COURSE
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

When I first heard this album I trully thought Kitev viv was better, until I really took my time with it. This one is by far one of Tvice best album period, from the lyrics to the music itself. This album is simply beautiful, Oliver Duret did an excellent job on this one. Personally the only thing that is missing is marketing, I still dont understand how they distributed this album. Thanks for the review Patrick....
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice Breakdown. I like the cd. Groove Baby Rey nan Welcome To Haiti an mechant ampil. Li finn lage yon 1er keyboard epi li lage chay k'ap fe'w mete 2 mains en l'air, fenmen je'w, tafia nan tete ou wap fly....Groove sa sick ampil. Se ti problem sa mwen gen ak Reynaldo parfois, li lague ti groove sa yo 2 fwa ou 1 grenn fwa pou li pa fe mizik la monotone but gen de groove fok ou fatigue moun yo ave'l menm, groove sa mechan ampil....

Fe'm vole is my other favorit, i like the melody and chorus, Toi et Moi mechant ampil. The first track i feel in love with was Tanpri Souple when i heard the preview but after listening to it 3 times i din't like it so much anymore.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Welcome To Haiti" is a very good album.

My favorite songs are "This Is It" (uptempo), "Tanpri Souple" (slow), and "Pou Mwen Seul" (mid).
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pat nice Review Ou Voye'm Al Tande Cd Jazz La T-Vice Toujou Yon Model pou La Jeunesse
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice breakdown Pat. I like the album;nothing special or new.After so many years James C should be able to play a 2nd keyboard/keytar.The guy became useless the minute Oliver joined the band.
Regi,Ronnie=guitars;Tjean=drum;Martial=tambour;Adclat,Kenny=claviers= the greatest haitian band
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