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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:21 am    Post subject: GAZMAN/DISIP: OFFICIAL KOMPA MAGAZINE SONG BY SONG CD REVIEW Reply with quote

Better late than never....

*MISSION: Nice intro. The song is preaching about peace and those who want harm to come to Gazzman. Nice flow on the keyboard by Ti Regi Djakout on this track. This can be classified as "I am The Victim" song as well, and also "I am the chosen one" for this mission. Solid track for an intro on a cd.

*BOPE PA PAPA: In the song, Gazzman is asking for forgiveness from his wife. The lyrics are very good but the chorus lacks "punch" (The MAP MET A GENOU one). The commercial aspect is there on the track, and it also a bit "softer" material than what you used to hear from Gazzman in Nu Look. We mean "softer" here in terms of sound. The "PADONE'M chorus is cool. This song has an advantage because quite a lot of people will be able to relate o the story being told; families being broken up when the father and mother divorce, then the mother remarries...the stepfather (Bope comes in the picture). One of the better songs on the cd.

*KOLON'N: TOUT JAZ KAP MACHE TOUJOU GIN KOLON'N....in other words their "Ban Deye". Laporte comes alive on this track (Min sa yo peur a Gazzman shouts out) The "MANDE KOTE JAZZ SA TE YE" part is cool. Some names like Gromosso, Ti Will and others are shouted out as "official KOLON'N" Disip members. Ironically JANESS (Who has since been a thorn on Gazzman's side) is also shouted out here, as well as Giordany...I wonder if it's Giordany Belizaire (Close Arly Lariviere friend); which if it is, we wonder if Gazzman is playing mind games again. (Lol).

Some nice keyboards on this track as well as a couple of slogans "Nan Eta'm we ou ye la...GINLEU OU OBEYI", as well as "SENTE LAMBI ou pran'n...SE MWEN KAP BOUKANIN'L. Other bands are named on this track as some sort of acknowledgement, but there is no NU LOOK in there. This is a banging commercial track for the "heavy compas" Gazzman lover.

*KOUPAB: This song has a flow that you rarely hear from Gazzman, I could even say that maybe like we've never heard before. IMPRESSIVE TRACKS/LYRICS. Gazzman blames us all for what has happened to Haiti (Pa Bay Etranger chay pote).

Some very deep thought provoking lyrics KI MANDE'W REFLECHI. He made some very nice points on this one (Where was this Gazzman in Nu Look). Points such as Haitians would not urinate on the streets in the U.S because they know what could happen if they do; whereas in Haiti they will NOT have any second thoughts about urinating on the streets. Another good one is he says Haitians are afraid of security/law enforcement in the U.S; but in Haiti you are disrespecting the Haitian police. AMPIL TOUT SA KI SOT DEYOR...SE PA NOU LI YE....meaning when it's one of us it gets no props, but when foreigners do it, we ready to treat that same thing like the best thing since slice bread. GAZZMAN SCORED MAJOR POINTS WITH ME ON THIS TRACK.

*PST: This was "NOT" the material that Gazzman needed to put out there to prove the critics wrong about how good he can be singing slower tracks. The song VOCALS IN FRENCH drag for the first 1/3 of the song. Gazzman sounds like he is RECITING THE LYRICS WITH A PAPER IN HIS HANDS WHILE RECORDING THE SONG, instead of SINGING it. That turned me off a bit even after listening to the track 3 times....until it picks up and becomes a pleasure to listen to towards the middle of the song. A nice solo keyboard in there, combined with the girls chorus, and when GAZZMAN FLIPS IT TO KREYOL, makes you wonder why he did not keep the song in Kreyol. To me, this song had the potential to score a huge goal for the artist, but the artist killed it in a negative way WITH THE FRENCH SINGING AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SONG. It can still become a song that works, but to me, the 1/3 of the song makes it less easier to digest.

*BANM GAZZ: I love the freaking intro "Gotta finish killing the competition" that is at the beginning of the song. Makes Gazzman sound "HIP". In the song the artist compares himself with some great athletes by saying he is to music/compas what Maradona was to soccer, Jordan to Basketball, and Michael Jackson to music. A couple of boomshots in there which we suspect might be at his former partner Arly "WAP CHOV PENDAN MAP FE DREAD", and "MWEN PA KONEN GASSON POUSSE TI MOUN NON MWEN MINM", in reference to perhaps Arly saying that "HE MADE GAZZMAN WHO HE IS". This is a "pure/real" Gazzman track; in other words, the GAZZMAN that the NU LOOK fans are used to. LAPORTE drops a killer guitar clinic in there. I think this is a straight up radio and live hit.

*MY ANGEL: This starts off as a SELENA Mexican beat type of track and switches nicely to a mid tempo track. Nice vocals by Gazzman, as well as a nice chorus. Girlfriend tribute song "You're My Angel...You're my everything..Thank God" Solid track, but one that will probably get lost in the shuffle with all the other songs on the cd.

*HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAM: The message relayed in this track with this gospel style beginning is really really mesmerizing. STRONG MESSAGE song about never giving up on your dreams as long as you believe in yourself. The guitar work by Laporte is excellent on this one. BEST INSPIRATIONAL SONG ON THE CD.

*ADIEU: Earthquake song dedication talking about a friend lost during the tragedy. The song is crafted on a mellow compas track with just enough commercial touches so that it does not get dismissed by the listener as just a tearjerker tune. It also the message/content to make it appeal to a lot of people. Nice solo keyboard in the middle of the song.

*OUVE BARYE:A straight up COMPAS ROCKER/VOYE MONTE uptempo track. "If u can't stand the heat...stay out of the kitchen" phrase dropped in there by Couleur IN CREOLE adds some spice/tabasco to the tune. Laporte displays one of his best guitar work on the cd ON THIS TRACK. It will work very well LIVE and will also appeal to the GAZZMAN THAT THE FANS ARE USED TO. He ends the track with a killer slogan "SE MWEN KI GAZZMAN COULEUR A...Ak yon grin kout roche...MWEN TUYE 15 ZWAZO." (LOL....MECHANT).....Gazzman at his f*** best when he brags and drops slogans.

*KWE MWEN: THE BEST GAZZMAN COULEUR VOCALS are displayed on this track as all his emotions are clearly felt on this tune here. HE MAKES YOU BELIEVE THAT he wants the girl that he is singing to to "KWE MWEN" (Believe his love for her). My issues with this song are A) The keyboard sound used on this track I feel is a bit too "strong" for the type of song this is; and number 2, This song should have been placed HIGHER on the cd in terms of song placement. When you drop it all the way down over there, it can/might get lost in the shuffle and makes you feel as if "someone' is trying to bury this ong and hide it on the cd. Having said that, it is one of my favorites on the cd as GAZZMAN's vocals like I said before; SHINE on that track.

*JOU PA'M: The song has the potential to be a hit WITH THE CONTENT BEING TALKED ABOUT; however I feel that they rushed this song in terms of its development; and they failed to make it the best that IT COULD BE. You get the impression that they rushed this song at the last minute to try and meet a deadline of some sorts; or perhaps they just did not want to spend too much time on it; and that's really too bad. Without spoiling the surprise, the track is about what a girl has to "take care of"....lyrics like "JOU POU BAY BAGAY LA TOUT TRETMENT LI MERITE" and "ALLO CHERI...YO DI'M OU SEC", or "PA OKUPE'W DE MANMAN'W, pa okupe'w de papa'w....OKUPE'W DE DEVAN'W" should give you some sort of clue.

*BONDIE'M LA GRAN: I actually love this adaption. It also features a HEAVY ROCK GUITAR as if Laporte was part of a heavy metal band that really shook me up on the POSITIVE side.

*BOTTOM LINE: All in all, GAZZMAN/DISIP have a very rock solid CD on their hands. This is a cd that you will be playing over and over in your stereos if you give it the chance to let it grab you WITHOUT any judgement made up in your mind BEFORE listening to the cd. Gazzman serves his NU LOOK fans with a couple of "the norm" (Kolon'n, Ouve Barye and Banm Gaz and a couple of others). GAZZMAN has grown as an artist, especially in the LYRICS department; or maybe he just was not allowed to showcase that in Nu Look; nevertheless he did impress me with that.

LAPORTE also delivered his best work as MUSICAL LEADER OF A PROJECT. DISIP does have material to make noise in the business, it all depends on WHAT THEY (Group and Producer) DO WITH IT. And oh yes, don't listen to some former fans of Gazzman's old band Nu Look "pretending" that they are not impressed with this material. If they aren't it could be a matter of taste, or it could be the royalty factor blinding them that this material is strong and can create a lot of buzz for the group. The artist takes another extension which he's been dying to show for years to the HMI fans....ON THAT FRONT MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

*MISSED OPPORTUNITY: I still feel that there should have been at least one more song on there where GAZZMAN totally throws something UNEXPECTED out on the fans. The track that he was to have done with producer JBEATZ might have done the trick..Gazzman missed an opportunity there because there are no "MUSICAL" surprises on this cd. KOUPAB did it a little, "PST" failed miserably with the FRENCH LYRICS, and the SELENA type INTRO for "MY ANGEL" was NOT enough of a surprise because it was not the whole entire song.

*My favorite tracks on the cd are (In no particular order): KOUPAB, KOLON'N, BANM GAZZ, HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAM, BOPE PA PAPA, OUVE BARYE


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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote





~ ou pa ka gason, pou groupie yon lot gason konsa... ou ka apresye yon artist, men le'w komanse ap joure fanm, derespekte moun... ah monche sa se yon problem Sad
nou we kote'w kanpe deja, no more to prove~
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very good review Pat! The more I listened to the cd the more I like it.

My favorites are Adieu, Bopé pa papa'w, Kwen Mwen, Ouvè Bariyè, Bam Gaz, My angel, Kolonn and Mission.

Over all I like the whole CD! Good job Disip!
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katalog vil la

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nicely done KM!

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Solid breadown Pat!! I only disagree with your comment on PST. I think it's more an issue of us not being used to hear Gazman sing in French rather than feeling like he's reading the lyrics. But once we get passed that, I think we'll learn to love it too.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very good review Pat.

I have to disagree with you about PST. I think gazman just proved some people wrong by singing this french part of the song. The way the artist was perceived or portrayed it was like he could not sing french lyrics at all.
First of all, I think the diction was right -au point- (one of the major thing that can happen to an artist is to mispronounce the word that is singing- mwen pa jwen surette[/color] contrary to a major and succesful artist in the HMI that was awful on more than one tracks on a cd were SURETTE ou bouche SU like we say in kreyol were all over the place. To this day i can listen to this Cd because of that and it could have been a good cd )

Second of all, In PST Gazman translates the emotion right on this track. I could even say he is wonderful by displaying at once many range of emotions in that song.

Now what you were saying about Pas sans toi (PST) and I do understand where you come from is the tempo or pace in the beginning of the song where gazman seems or sound slow or hesitant but i think it was just a way to show the deep emotion beneath the lyrics of that song and it is to me a very powerful and emotional performance of gazman.

If DISSIP push that song in Haiti it will works like fire. MARCK MY WORDS.

After mission which i think is the best and I say Best Dissip song in term of originality and pure heavy kompa perfomance, Pas sans toi is the second one and Bope pa papa with kwe men are the best in the album. the rest sound too much of NU LOOK that I also do understand why.
But like I say if they are looking for a DISSIP sound the intro music is the one that they should go with. It a pure kompa direck song in is musical structure and delivery. Very a delactable performance.

It is a solid album like I told kompas rokers but there is no megat hit or hit yet as far as I know.

the game is on

the competition is on

Thanks again Pat for the review
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

very good pat nice breakdown

well it's guarantee gazman going to sell every single track on that cd that i know he's good at let's wait and see so many love the cd
la verite n'a pas de masque, il parait

le monde est gouverne par de tout autres personnages que ne se l'imaginent ceux dont loeil ne plonge pas dans les coulisses


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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

mwen gen lontan m ap mande review album sa mwen jwen li jodia.
kompamagazine ap toujou rete yon referans pou konpa direk la.
tout moun konnen kalite pat nan bagay ki rele politik la .
mwen gen yon kesyon pou pat kisa ki rete album nan pou li demare?
En fait, l’histoire est un éternel recommencement. Les gens ne l’ont pas encore compris.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 11:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good review KM!
Se pa de Maradonna ke artist la prlé sèlamn non lan football... Pelé tou wi!
Fanatil La France que vous êtes Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
Commence par te regarder dans un miroir, avant de me juger.

Montréalais et Jérémien pour toujours

"Pa suiv mwen, mwen jwenn kòb monnen sou dlo" Gazzman Couleur
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 11:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Konpliman monchè ! Se youn nan pi bèl "review" ou ekri isiya. E ni m pa di sa paske mwen renmen CD a. Mwen di sa paske ou trè objektif nan tout sa ou di la-a. Mwen kwè si yon moun bay tèt li chans pou l tande CD sa-a byen, san okenn diskriminasyon, se egzakteman sa w ekri la-a l’ap tande tou. Gen yon bèl kesyon ou poze la-a: « Where was this Gazzman in Nu-Look? » Ki kote Gazzman sa-a te ye lè l te nan Nu Look? Enben, Gazzman sa-a te toujou la; men yo pa’t janm ba l chans pou l montre talan l. Se sa’k fè moun ki pa fanatik li panse, Gazzman se jis yon jwè k’ap tann boul pou l’al fè gòl. E tou, pou n ta poze kesyon an pi byen ankò: Kilè Gazzman gentan ekri tout mizik sa yo? Daprè sa k’ap pale deyò a, se yon kalite mizik Gazzman ekri depi lè l te Nu Look... ki te rele la k’ap kanni. E m kwè kounyeya, tout moun ka wè se pa pwòp mizik li Gazzman pa’t ka ekri e konpoze.

Review sa-a pral bloke kè anpil moun.... Laughing

Nèg Timid
(Ti Cherif Trankil La)

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