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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:12 am    Post subject: ZIN "PI RED": KM'S OFFICIAL SONG BY SONG CD REVIEW Reply with quote

Here is the KOMPA MAGAZINE official SONG BY SONG CD REVIEW for ZIN's new cd "PI RED".


1) PI RED: Good track to kick off the cd. The track is about people saying "this and that" about the group. In other words "ZIN SOU ZIN". Although the lyrics content are NOT original, but the music/melody is very catchy. "L'homme propose...Dieu dispose", as well as the "Dyol Alele" parts are the ones that I am referring to. The song also SOUNDS new in terms of musical style that we expect from Zin, while at the same time, it does NOT go too far away from the source. GUITAR RIFF in this track is a killer. HIGH HIT POTENTIAL...Will do damage at bals.

2) DEPI'M WE'W: As soon as you hear the intro, YOU FEEL IT'S AN "AC" song rather than a ZIN track. The SUREFIRE HIT track on the CD providing that AC does not sit on his behind, instead of pushing the song. MEGAHIT POTENTIAL SE RANS. Lyrics and music are on point, and so is the rap from Vilx. This JBEATZ track had me rewinding this tune for many many days, before I could manage to move to the other tracks to give them a listen. Play of words on this track are excellent..ALAN CAVE STYLEEEEE. "Ou di'm MONTE "ANBA"...Ou di'm DESAN'N "ANWO". Pure brilliance. Alan Cave at his best. My favorite track on the record.

3) BOU: "YOUR HOTNESS" NIA stars on this track. The kickoff chorus "Le Sa Bon Ou rele mwen BOU....." is a prelude of at least 2/3 nice melodies on there, including the main one "COME ON BOU SA PA LADAN'L". Nia kills this track vocally, and puts on a vocal clinic. It's too bad she won't be there on a full time basis to help push this track LIVE. Can the other girls step it up on this tune LIVE when Nia is not there to play it, or will ZIN shelve the song and play it ONLY when NIA is performing? That remains to be seen. Would be a "sure" hit if NIA was there pushing it LIVE, but is a "POTENTIAL HIT" depending on what ZIN does with it. EDDY ST. VIL at his composing best on this track.

4) FOTO: Nice concept/idea for a track, sung by BAD BOY Alex Abellard. His "studio" voice is passable, but is NOT "convincing" enough. In other words, the SINGING (Not animation) voice does not take command of the song to carry it like it deserves to. The song has a KILLER GUITAR RIFF THAT WILL DO DAMAGE LIVE. It will be a "no doubt about it" crowd pleaser on the LIVE circuit with high hit potential, but what will Alex do with his SINGING voice LIVE?

Also, it's unfortunate that ALEX used this song to settle personal issues because I can't understand why one of the most well known HMI photo journalists in the business K-LITO OF HMI PIX was left off his shoutout list in the song. Could it be because K-LITO stopped working for Alex's company, and branched out on his own, and at the same time provides pictures to others? (I did not even put what K-LITO told me that he was told by BAD BOY for his omission on the song) ALEX MET GRANMOUN SOU OU! Having said that, it is one of my favorite tracks on the CD.

5) REVOKE: Typical woman scorn song sung by SANDRA. "You've been fired as my man" anthem that will be extremely popular with the ladies. Extremely nice job by Sandra, and I can already see her rocking this track LIVE. Catchy as hell chorus. EDDY ST. VIL IS ON FIRE with this CD. LIVE "BATON" crowd pleaser.

6) FE BAGAY SERYE: Another favorite of mine's from the cd. The chorus is beautiful "KOU DLO KOKOYE". One of ALAN's best vocal performances on the cd, and EDDY ST. VIL "10 SOU 10" on this track composition. "HIT MAKER" a still has a lot in his bag of tricks.

7) PA BANM ZEN: VEE handles herself well on this track. The beginning of the song gives you an old time/old song flavor, which makes me think that this track could have been in the Zin "unused" library. I might be wrong. I wish they could have gotten to the chorus part FASTER than they did. That "PA BEZWEN CIA, FBI' part will be extremely popular/catchy at bals and on the radio. MORE OF THE FOCUS of the song should have been on that CHORUS PART because when it gets to that part VEE does a good job holding it together. Hopefully LIVE, VEE can also make it work as well as she does on the CD.

Cool BEY TI NANA: TOTALLY OUT OF CHARACTER track from ZIN, which brings a refreshing flavor to the CD. One of the two tracks on the CD that totally goes away from the group's identity, and sometimes that can be a very good thing. In this case, it was a good thing. Manager ZAZA wrote this track, and I am sure he had his reasons for going that route.

9) VANSE: SOLID track by Patrick and Romeo. Best part of the song is when rapper TI JUDE and NIA come in. It's a track that I would describe as going full speed ahead, pressing on the gas "voye monte" type of song. They are adding on as it goes along. In other words, a "JAM" track with no "real" destination.

10) M-PARE: "PURE" ZIN sound from beginning to end. Another one of my personal favorites. Zin HARDCORE LOVERS and others will eat this one like sweet candy. Simple catchy chorus that you digest with no problems.

11) KOKEN CHEN KOMPA: NOT the typical mellow ALAN CAVE track, rather a "SON LA RI" dance track with a catchy chorus. Enjoyable track.

12) BEL VWATU: Typical ZIN "Double meaning" song that did NOT do anything for me "MUSICALLY", even though there are some parts in there that are fun to listen to. TOPIC will be popular, but I get too much of these types of songs from ZIN. This one did not fly like the other 'double meaning" Zin songs usually do.

13) SERE KOZE'W: 100% PURE ZIN. Alan Cave and Alex Abellard at their best. ALEX'S BEST PERFORMANCE ON THE CD in terms of composition and animation. If I am going into an HMI "musical animation" battle (Not talking about a DISS battle), ALEX ABELLARD would be on my team anytime. When he gets the right material, and they let him LOOSE, and LE LI SOU SA, he SIMPLY BRINGS MAGIC to a song. He elevates it to another level.

This is now my favorite BAD BOY "ZIN" song of all time (The ones that he's written by himself), replacing "UNION" from their second album and "BAD BOY". EXTREMELY GOOD JOB on this track ALEX.

14) NOU KA: NIA track about Haiti that has been on the market for awhile now, thought to have been on the much delayed solo cd by the artist. Cool track.


A) On a couple of the tunes, they should have let ALEX loose with his animation, instead of using that 'RES LA POU BAL" strategy.

B) BE FAIR TO SANDRA. She has been in the band much longer than VEE, and for all her hard work, all she got was ONE SONG TO SING...THE SAME AMOUNT AS NEWCOMER VEE. That is NOT FAIR ZIN. She DESERVED to sing MORE than 1 song. NIA "DESERVED" to sing on the 3 tracks that she sang on, but if VEE sings on 1 song, SANDRA should have been featured on 2 songs. SENIORITY is the fairest way in a company, and ZIN...U GUYS WERE NOT FAIR TO SANDRA on this one. MWEN SIYIN DEYE SA MWEN DI A! Si nou pa kontan...U KNOW WHAT TO DO.

C) Zin should be careful NOT to let ALEX use "ZIN" to further his issues with whom he might have a problem with. The last time I checked, ZIN is owned by EDDY, ALAN, ALEX, ZAZA and..., so they should not be DRAGGED into silly little issues by the BAD BOY. The slight at K-Lito in his song "FOTO" was not needed. Alex...K-LITO does NOT work for anyone, he has his own company Laughing Wink So ou te ka bal sa.

POSITIVE: ONE OF THE BEST ZIN records in a long time. TORO YO LA TOUJOU...NOT READY FOR RETIREMENT. If they don't self destruct and give proper priority to the group (ALAN and ALEX are the main culprits), this group will be around for many years to come. I LOVE THE RECORD. IT HAS SEVERAL POTENTIAL HITS ON THERE.

ZIN la "PI RED"...and this CD proves it. BRAVO ZIN. VERY GOOD JOB!

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for your break down.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

bel review Pat thanks
mwen just pa dako avek Vee song
the more i listened to it the more i find it
boring and too long. Mizik lan vinn pa gen
orijinal sans li anko after the 4:20 mark
music is my life
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

My favs so far are BOU.. REVOKE.. BAGAY SERYE.. thats my jam.. DEPI'm We'W is good too but I dont think I'll enjoy it live. Too bad I left the CD in my other car. I would've given a better breakdown. But nice job ZIN..! About time.. Ill be sure to come back with a full review..
Walk With Faith... Not Fear... Free Yourself.. "The Vision"
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 1:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I b ought the cd but only listened to it twice so far. Depi M Wè w is my favorite and Sandra's Revoke is a good one that I can see her delivering well live. After a few more listens, I'll be able to say more.
HOWEVER, I have to get this off my chest: my biggest gripe about the ZIN PI RÈD cd is the sound quality. certain songs sound better than others and most of the songs, the recording was done poorly enough to taint even Alan's voice Shocked Shocked This pushed me to look at the credits in the back and to my surprise the cd was recorded in at least 6-7 different studios! Why is that necessary?! No wonder they don't have the same sound quality Confused . ZIN is too big of a player in the game to not realize how the sound could impact people's reaction to the songs so I'm really puzzled byb this move Confused
Stay HIP!
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thx for the review Pat.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 11:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow.....Nice review and to the point Patiouko....But I must respond to one of your comment de music FOTO AN......let's be real Pat if you had beef with someone ou tap nan site non'l nan music ou Idea Wink Question ...rendez moi sage ou folle patoutou....YOU OF ALL PEOPLE jean ou rinmin voye PIED WHEN YOU HAVE BEEF...... Laughing Laughing and now you are becoming the preacher ...also se pa lot jour klito sa commense fais grimace ak on camera.....rayi chien dit dent blanc....2 sha da out yo travay and paid their DUES.....MY OPINION...........Anyway I love that song a lot......The first time I listened to it I was what a retarted song....but it grew on me....Lyric on point and nice beat....Great Job LESLEX..... Cool

SANDRA'S SONG.....Again mwen te tres tres irite when I heard it the first time ...Let's face it homegirl is not a NATURAL LIKE BABY NIA........but you can feel in her voice she gives her all....she tries...she works hard...after listening a couple of time and what realy helped.... I heard my son singing in the shower..... pa dit betiz....vie mot...then I started to give it a chance after all the lyric is very interesting.....Again it grew on me ...I must give her a little star for trying Cool .....Good job for trying.....

VEE....O lORD HAVE MERCY......She has an annoying voice......and you can feel ampil sound effect pou mete dame sa dans l'air........to me lyric sa tres tres STUPID.....Ou oue se lyric TI BEBE......BLA BLA CIA....BLA BLA FBI.......NONSENSE NET AL KOLE.......anyway Alex bay on TI BEBE CHANTE MUSIC TI BEBE......Say whatever you want Alex sa se ON GENIUS....... Laughing Laughing Laughing

Anyway map fais on kampe cha....for now I will return pou lot musics yo.......But me like this CD VERY MUCH...ALAN BABY IS DA BEST.....I HAVE A COMMENT DE ALAN as well....ma retounin.... Idea
Personally, I am always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught."

--Winston Churchill
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 5:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jean-Claude Dennis gave me Zin's Pi Red album while in Orlando, good looking out JCD, and I've been listening to it for almost a week now like I usually do for new albums. I Like Pi Red, Depi'm We'w is growing on me, Vanse Tou Dousman (sickening bass by Youyou), Sere Koze'w (remix), and Nou Ka.

The band will be fine on the live circuit with this album. My other issue with the "Pi Red" album is the sound quality. To reiterate what Hipchick said, a band of Zin's caliber should not have to record its songs 5-7 different studios, hence the reason in the "ok" sound quality.

Anyways, I'll be sure to catch them on their Florida tour.
Bat Chyen An Tan'n Met Li

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 5:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

M'pa rayi albòm lan dutou
ZIN la pi rèd Razz

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