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PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 6:01 am    Post subject: GAZZMAN ON WHY ARLY WAS KICKED OUT OF DZINE (APRIL 2000)! Reply with quote

This is one of the interviews that shook the industry when in the magazine GAZZMAN publicly spoke out about why ARLY LARIVIERE was kicked out of DZINE in a coup on stage led by GAZZMAN COULEUR. Months later GAZZMAN joins Arly to create NU LOOK. Check it out in this interview held in APRIL 2000)

1) KM: Why did you leave Dzine to go join Arly in Nu Look especially since you were seen by many people as the one who took charge in the ouster of Arly Lariviere in Dzine?

Gazzman: (Smiles) That's a good question. (Repeats the question) Gazzman alone could not kick Arly Lariviere the leader of the band back then out. Listen to this carefully. You did an interview with the members of Dzine in a previous issue. People read the magazine and the website that you have. Let's turn back the clock for a minute. Gazzman alone did not do it. It was the band's decision. The guys told you that. Yes I was a part of it, but it was not I alone. Why is it suddenly when I am no longer in Dzine everybody says that it was Gazzman who did it? It was the band's decision.

At the time, the only reason that I supported the decision was to save the band. The whole band had decided that they were no longer going to play with Arly. The only reason that I supported it at the time was to keep Dzine going for the fans.

2) KM: Can you confirm the rumors that said had you not supported the decision, you also would have been kicked out of the band along with Arly?

Gazzman: As a matter of fact before the "coup" happened, the guys had already kicked me and Arly out of the band. The week before, Arly and I had gone to New York to attend a funeral for our friend/promoter's mother. We went to the funeral on Friday. When we went back down to Miami on Saturday, the guys told us that they no longer wanted to play with us. We did not play with the band for that particular weekend. The guys in the band knew that they couldn't keep playing without me so therefore I told them at the time that in order for me to come back, they would have to take Arly back in the band as well. That is why they took Arly back at that particular time.

To answer your other question about why I left Dzine to go join Arly in Nu Look, it is the exact same answer as the first one. It is because I wanted to save the band. Let me explain. About two or three weeks after we kicked Arly out of the band, I told them that I understand that Arly made some mistakes. He's human just like all of us. I told them to just put everything aside and do business. I told the band that we were playing really really really bad without Arly. I told them that we were also wrong for the way that we treated him. The way that we kicked him out of the band on stage, we should apologize to him.

We went to play in Boston on the following Sunday and we had about 25 people that attended. The guys went back to Miami and said that we had 650 people. When you do that, you are not lying to the people only, you are lying to yourself as well. Here's the breakdown. It's like we were all in a boat and we decided to throw Arly in the water so that he could drown. I in turn, as the boat is going away, I see Arly in the water trying to swim and I tell the guys let's take him back in the boat because he's been with us from the beginning. While the guys are laughing on the boat telling me to let him drown, I jump into the water to go save him and keep him from drowning because I was wrong for what I did.

I was wrong for supporting the band's decision in kicking Arly out of the band. Dzine might not have the courage to come and apologize to Arly for what they did to him, but I Gazzman am comfortable enough to tell Arly and the world that I was wrong to support that move. I apologized to him.

3) KM:If you say it was a bad move, how do you think the situation with Arly and Dzine should have been handled?

Gazzman: It should have been handled behind closed doors. You have to understand that what happened to Arly happened before with the same crew when they were part of Zenglen +. It's the same crew that kicked Brutus the leader of his own band out of it at Club Kays. I was not part of the band at the time. Dzine is a band that does not need any leaders. They are people that don't like anyone to lead them. There's never anything that works without a leader. This has happened before. The thing that happened was not my intention. I've proved it by leaving Dzine and joining Arly.

4) KM: Are you worried that you might be looked at as a hypocrite because everyone saw that you took the mic that day and announced Arly's firing on stage?

Gazzman: Like I said before, they told you that it was the band's decision. Even though they say that I took the microphone, it was only because I was always the one who spoke for the band. In good times and in bad times I was always the spokesperson for the band. People will not look at me as an hypocrite. They will say that I am a fair individual. They will say that I have a lot of class because I saw that what I did was wrong and I apologized. Not everyone has that ability.

5) KM: After all that's happened between you and Arly, do you trust each other or will you always be looking over your shoulders?

Gazzman: If you are in business with someone you have to trust them. What happened in Dzine was because we did not trust each other. Arly and I were very close when we were in Dzine but we were not friends. In Dzine everyone was a leader. Right now Arly and I are friends. I don't have to look over my shoulder. I don't have to look behind my back. I don't have to worry about if Arly is going to do anything to me. He also does not have to worry about me like that either. I trust him and he trusts me.

6) KM: Don't you think that Arly will always have that in the back of his mind? The fact that you were part of the coup?

Gazzman: Exactly. You can forgive but you can never forget. I guess when you forgive, that's the most important thing. It wasn't pretty. Arly knows in his heart that it wasn't me alone who did this. If he didn't know that, I wouldn't be here in this band with him today. If there is anyone who can do something to me today it's Arly. I would not hold any grudges against him because I did that to him.

It would be no problem to me at all. I am not worried about that at all because Arly is not like that. He is a very educated man. He understands life. He sees that Gazzman is a man that he can trust. He will remember that after we (Dzine) dropped him in the water, I jumped ship and left Dzine behind to go join him without even knowing what the future has in store for the both of us. After all that, there is no one that will come and stand between us to separate or divide us ever again.

7) KM: Is that a promise that Arly and Gazzman will always be together musically?

Gazzman: Yes it's a promise.

KM: In our interview with Zagalo, he stated that Arly is the reason why you became extremely unpopular in Florida. In other words by association. What do you have to say about that?

Gazzman: I don't have to go back to all those things. At the time we were all trying diss each other so that we could look better in the public eye. That's what happened. If you remember at the time, you were also trying to get me to do an interview and I never did. Everyone was speaking except me.

They were saying some good things about me because I was in their camp, but as soon as I left, all of a sudden it's Gazzman who is no good. You see what I mean? It was all talk at the time. We were all defending ourselves. I don't want to go back to it. This is what I told Arly when we got back to playing together. I told him that whatever they tell him that I said when we were against each other, yes I said it. I also told him that whatever they told me that you said about me during those two months that we were not together, just say yes you did as well.

Arly and I are reunited and that's what matters. I am a power player. Arly is a power player. When we both put our heads together, it's even better.

9) KM: Everyone always thought that Dzine bass player Felder was probably the member closest to both you and Arly. Why didn't Felder jump ship to join you guys?

Gazzman: (Laughs..Thinks for 5 seconds) Felder is my friend. He will always remain my friend. Felder is a nice guy. There are certain things that maybe I Gazzman can do because I'm powerful that maybe Felder might not be able to do. I don't dislike him because he chose to stay with Dzine. He's my friend and will always remain my friend.

10) KM: Did Felder stay in Dzine out of fear?

Gazzman: (Laughs for 5 seconds) I can't really say. I don't know why he didn't join Arly and I. I respect that. I don't know if it's because of fear, however I can only speak for myself. I have nothing to fear. I am not afraid of anyone, however I can't say that about Felder.

11) KM: How accurate is it that Gazzman is or was negotiating to return to Dzine after you had left?

Gazzman: (Laughs) Let me tell you something. When Michael Jordan was playing for Chicago, a lot of teams always wanted him. Gazzman is the same way. Anyone can negociate with me, however it's up to me to know that I have a responsibility where I'm at now (Nu Look) to keep my word. Dzine wanted to negotiate with Gazzman. Gazzman has his mind made up. Only Gazzman knows what's good for him and the people that he is with now Nu Look and Arly Lariviere.

12) KM: Would you ever go back to Dzine?

Gazzman: Would I return to Dzine? In life you never say never but you will know the answer only if you can read my heart.

13) KM: Would you return to Dzine if they accepted to take Arly Lariviere back in the band?

Gazzman: (Laughs) You're very smart. You asked me the same question another way. I like that. To me that time has passed. I don't want to look back. It's the past.

14) KM: Did you leave Dzine because you couldn't share the spotlight with Ello?

Gazzman: Like I told you before I never shared the spotlight. The spotlight was always on Gazzman.

15)KM: Are you saying that Ello couldn't hold his own next to you?

Gazzman: Of course not. Ello is Ello. Ello was there but the spotlight was always on Gazzman. I wasn't sharing the spotlight with anyone. I left Dzine and the spotlight is gone. There's no spotlight anymore on Dzine.

16) KM: You were still the star even when Ello was there?

Gazzman: Yeah. You know it Patrick.

17) KM: Did you and Delly Francois ever have a problem when he was in the band?

Gazzman: I was not the one that had a problem with Delly. As you could probably see, the ladies loved Gazzman.

1 KM: Did Delly have a problem with you?

Gazzman: I don't know. Maybe it's because the focus was always on me. The ladies always paid attention to me but that's okay. Delly is one of the singers that I appreciate a lot. He is a very good singer. I used to love having him sing next to me on stage even though he's made quite a few negative comments about me. I respect him and he respects me. It's not my fault if all the ladies used to bring flowers for Gazzman only.

19) KM: Was there an attempt on your life when you decided to leave Dzine? We've heard of the car incident. Number two did that intimidate you at all?

Gazzman: (Laughs) That's the last thing if someone thinks they can scare me. No one can intimidate me. Some said that my association with Dzine was like a contract that I signed with the devil. In other words, I couldn't leave Dzine unless they agreed or wanted to let me go. No way. That's not me.

After I left Dzine, a lot of bad things happened. There were shots fired at me while driving. I felt it was some sort of warning to me because I had already left the band. My car was set on fire while in was in a meeting with members of Nu Look. I can't really say that it was Dzine that was responsible for all that because I did not see anyone myself to make such an accusation. However if you put two and two together... Why is it that these things had never happened to me before until two or three weeks after I left Dzine? Arly's house caught fire recently (Feb 16). Why now? Why now?

20) KM: People say that either Dzine or Nu Look has to pack it up because you both play the same songs. What will happen and which one do you think will prevail?

Gazzman: (Laughs) I can't predict the future and I can't tell you whose going to prevail , but I know that my band is going to survive. I'm a winner and survivor. Nu Look will survive. I did not want the separation of the band (Dzine) to happen. It happened and we have to deal with it.

You see when there is a division in a band, there's one side that will come out the winner. If it was up to the public, I would've stayed with Dzine. I must tell you however that the people don't really know what's going on inside a band. They don't know. I'm the one on the inside, so I'm the one who knows what's going on. I was not happy. I could not do it. I couldn't take it anymore.

21) KM: Does Gazzman like his name to be in the news all the time?

Gazzman: It's not a question that I like to have my name in the news all the time. It just happens. News just comes naturally when it comes to me. You have to say Gazzman. Even when I don't do anything people talk about me. Gazzman is news.

22) KM: Were you supposed to join Tabou Combo in the past?

Gazzman: Yes. Herman and Fanfan met with me to discuss the possibility of me joining Tabou Combo. I respect those guys. Fanfan, Herman and Shoubou are legends. They approached me to join Tabou.

23) KM: Why did you not join Tabou Combo?

Gazzman: (Repeats the question) Tabou is my favorite band of all time. The reason I did not join Tabou was because I had given my word to Dzine at the time. I did not want to destroy Dzine's business. Fanfan had every right to try and recruit me. He was not trying to destroy Dzine. You have to understand that everyone needs Michael Jordan my friend. The fact that Fanfan tried to recruit me for Tabou was the right thing to do.

24) KM: Fanfan said to us in an interview that it was a mistake the fact that they tried to recruit you as a singer for the band. What do you say about that?

Gazzman: I'm sure in a moment of anger he probably said it. Even after reading his statement again, he will probably say that he did not need to say that. He was probably hurt. It's understandable. He probably can't understand how I could turn down an offer from a very successful band like Tabou. He probably felt offended that I said no. If he said it was a mistake, he has to say it was HIS mistake, not mine, because I did not approach him. I believe it would have been a plus for the both of us had I joined the band.

25) KM: Are you a superstar?

Gazzman: Can't you tell? (Laughs) Can't you see that? You will not find two Gazzmans. Good looking, colorful hair, my hair by the way. Six feet four is my height. I'm a performer and a good vocalist. a big time superstar. You know that Patrick.

26) KM: Who would you put in the Haitian industry as a superstar in terms of singers?

Gazzman: There are quite a few Haitian superstars in the business. You know Shoubou is one. Kino. Gracia Delva is a superstar. Sweet Micky is a superstar. Roberto Martino is a superstar. Arly Lariviere is a superstar. Alan Cave is a superstar. Ritchie the drummer from Zenglen is also a superstar. Emeline Michel is a big time superstar. We are both from the same town as a matter of fact.

27) KM: Is Tantan a superstar?

Gazzman: (Thinks for a few seconds) No comment. I don't really know Tantan that well to comment about him.

2 KM: Gazzman are you a legend in your own mind?

Gazzman: I'm not only a legend in my own mind, I'm a legend to a lot of people. The people look at me as a legend because they know Gazzman is a legend.

29) KM: You mean to tell me that if you were not to sing one more note after this interview comes out, you would still consider yourself a legend?

Gazzman: Exactly.

30) KM: Do you feel you might offend some people with that comment?

Gazzman: (Serious) No. I am a legend.

1) KM: "Couleur", you are known as a ladies man out there. That's your reputation. However there are some disturbing rumors out there that seem to want to label you as a gold digger. What do you say about that?

Gazzman: (Laughs) It's like I said before. Someone puts a rumor out there and the word goes around. I like to work for what I have. I like to work for what I have. It's not my fault if the ladies love Gazzman. They care about Gazzman and I respect that. It's not an easy thing to be a ladies man. The ladies that admire me are not stupid. They see a good looking guy, sexy, six feet four, they know what they want. I also on the other hand don't settle for less.

32) KM: Is Gazzman married or was he ever married?

Gazzman: No.

33) KM: We want your opinion on the following people. Gracia Delva?

Gazzman: A very good artist and also a very good guy. It's one guy that I appreciate a lot in the business. I also feel for him. A lot of times people are laughing at him because of some unfortunate things he's had to go through. He's a force for the Haitian music industry. He's very talented.

34) KM: Ello?

Gazzman: Ello? No comment because I don't talk about people that I don't know. I have no comment on Ello.

35) KM: How do you think people will take that?

Gazzman: (Silence for a second) People will take that the way they want to take it. I can't talk about him because I don't know the guy. The reason that I speak of Gracia that way is because Gracia and I speak all the time. He gives me advice and I give him advice. Ello and I have never done anything like that so that is why I say that I don't know him. Please put NO COMMENT in there.

36) KM: Kino?

Gazzman: (Pauses) A very, very, very big superstar. Kino is a legend. He has his own style. He's different. He does not care about what people say about him. He's paid his dues. He's a leader. I like him a lot.

37) KM: Zagalo?

Gazzman: He's my friend. He will remain my friend even if we are no longer in the same business. A nice guy. A very funny guy. I love Zagalo like a brother. No hard feelings towards him.

3 KM: Any final words to the fans or people in the business in general?

Gazzman: To all the kids out there, don't do drugs. Always listen to your parents because they love and care about you. To people in general, just stop the violence because it won't take you anywhere. We don't need that. Always pray and your wishes will come true. One last thing, if I've offended anyone with my comments in this interview, I don't mean to do that. Don't take it personally. It's just that I speak the truth. This is Gazzman "Couleur" and I love you guys. Sex, sex, sex with a triple x. Nu Look.

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