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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:50 pm† †Post subject: POUCHON DUVERGER (2002)! Reply with quote

Pouchon Duverger
Interview conducted by Patrick Desvarieux

Pouchon Duverger


KM: What can you tell us about the new DJAKOUT MIZIK CD? Please give us the details.

Pouchon: The new Djakout C.D. is titled "La Familia". It is a dedication to all our families, friends, and fans who without their help and support. We would not be here today. There are 8 new songs on it along with Carnaval 2001...which makes it a total of 9.

KM: Is this one a better CD than your two last studio records? Why?

Pouchon: This C.D. is a little different from the last two...I would hope that it is better, because do not want to produce average material, or mediocrity...we want to improve as time goes by. This C.D. is different in the sense that it was produced by not only our band manager, but another well-known producer in the hip-hop industry. I've seen these men put their heads together to insure the success of this project and as a result....a miracle was made...(ha ha ha)

KM: A lot of people said that when Ti Claude Marcelin left, you guys would not be the same in terms of composing because he was the main composer of the group on your last two records. Do you think you've proven them wrong?

Pouchon: In regards to what a lot of people said about us not being same since Ti Claude Marcelin left...They were right!!...We have only gotten better....(ha ha ha)...now about composing...we have taken this opportunity to explore each other's talents. Regardless we were a band, I don't know why one would think that one person can make or break band.... that is in direct contradiction with the meaning of the word "band"...which includes more than one. I consider that an insult...we have some very talented musicians who have put forth maximum effort...and will continue to do so....and if you don't believe me...check out "La Familia" it is out as of today!

KM: Does the band miss Ti Claude Marcelin? Why or why not?

Pouchon: Do we miss Ti Claude Marcelin? .Of course we miss him.... and we wish him continued success in all his projects, he is very hard working...and so are we besides...once you a re a member of "La Familia" you are one for life, your address has nothing to do with it...it's all in the heart.

KM: What is in the works for Djakout Mizik in the near future?

Pouchon: This coming year we plan on playing more in the U.S. We have received several complaints from our fans in New York, and Boston...we know we don't play as much as we'd like to in those states, but we plan on rectifying this...as well as playing overseas as well. Our last performance in Paris was wonderful, and we are already being sought after again.....We are trying to get to everyone...so don't loose hope.

KM: You guys are the hottest band in Haiti right now from what we've been told. Why do you think that is? Any strategies you want to share with the fans as to why that is?

Pouchon: (ha ha ha)....We are the hottest band in Haiti right now....and this is a direct result of hard work and determination. We have our objectives which we want to meet, discipline...is the key to that. Along with the fact that we refuse to break away from home, unlike other bands...we still are, and will always be a local band in Haiti. We could never turn our backs on our fans in our country....they are the reason that we are sought after today. They have been through the rough and tough situations with us...and they deserve to be treated with respect and merit...and this should be done always and not on occasion.

KM: Why release a brand new studio record so quickly after Septieme Ciel? That record just came out very recently.

Pouchon: Actually 7ème Ciel was released last year....I don't consider that soon.....not at all.

KM: Let's talk about T-Vice for a moment. Will you guys be battling them once again in February at the Carnival?

Pouchon: In regards to T-Vice, and the Carnaval for next year.....hummmm "let's just say "N'ap cheche lunette nou pou'n ka we"...lol...You never know what's going to happen!..(hahahaha)

KM: Some people say that you guys are trying to do a battle that T-Vice doesn't even pay attention to anymore because of Sweet Micky. They ignored Djakout last year at the Carnival. What happens if T-Vice ignores you guys again this year?

Pouchon: Well....about ignoring us....maybe they want us to forget about them....so they figure if they ignore us...maybe we'll go away.....(ha ha ha)...NOT, I doubt that we will be ignored...considering that they "want to make me sit down, and listen as they drop good konpa, on me"....the day that happens...I will sit for real...from shock!...( ha ha ha)

KM: Pouchon, is there a legitimate rivalry between Djakout Mizik and Zenglen? More specifically between you and Gracia? Quite a few verbal shots have been heard at different bals that you guys have played together.

Pouchon: Rivalry from Djakout Mizik and Zenglen?...hummmm. Let's make this clear...Djakout Mizik is not rivals with anyone, doing something positive! Is there a Rivalry between Gracia and I?...This is news to me, the so-called conflicts were created by people who wanted to see "drama".....Verbal shots have been made....and none have been taken to heart....Gracia is the only one who has the right to poke fun at me....and I have the right....to call him on it...and reciprocate. "Tout Bagay Nomal, Nomal!" ( ha ha ha )

KM: Which bands does Pouchon respect in the business? Why?

Pouchon: Which band do I respect....I respect all bands doing something positive...we as musicians are obligated by ethics to promote positive, and go past the mediocre, after all we are role models...I feel obligated by my own values to do well in all my endeavors, and I give "Big Ups!" to all that do the same!

KM: Which bands does Pouchon have NO RESPECT for in the business? Why?

Pouchon: The bands that I do not have respect for, are the ones that haven't realized what I stated before.

KM: How long do you see Djakout Mizik around in the business?

Pouchon: Djakout Mizik has been around for....well...May 2002 will make 9 years.

KM: Any final words for the fans?

Pouchon: Yes, Naya... A Papa Djanay....I want to thank you Pat for supporting us, also all our fans, families, friends....producers, distributors, DJs, all people in the media....continue to do good, and support us..."We are a direct result of positive reinforcement from your parts. We thank you and acknowledge that we are here today because of you..."La Familia....La vi'm l'an men'wwww........
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