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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:46 pm    Post subject: ALAN CAVE (YEAR 2000)! Reply with quote

Alan Cave
Interview conducted by Patrick Desvarieux

Alan Cavé

He is the charismatic lead singer of the very popular group Zin. Alan Cave is adored by thousands for his smooth vocals, sensitive lyrics, his cool personality and more. Today by popular demand, KM brings you an EXCLUSIVE chat with Alan Cavé. He talks about Zin's future plans, his solo record, Phantoms, Princess Georgy and much more. Enjoy.

KM: Alan, how was Zin's recent tour of Haiti this month? Can you please elaborate on the reception and what went down during the band's stay there in terms of the different venues that you played in?

ALAN: The tour was very successful, as always the reception in the provinces as well as in Port-au-Prince was great. "Ampil chalè" from the Zintimes. We can't complain, we loved it, I particularly enjoyed the shows at Léogane and Les Cayes.
KM: How popular is Zin down in Haiti? Are you surprised by your band's popularity down there?

ALAN: Zin is very popular and always well received. I am not surprised by our popularity at all because the people in Haiti appreciate good music and we've been working hard to please them since day one. (Ampil melodies, Ampil bel pawol, originalité net alé.) I think we have earned our popularity.

KM: We understand that during one of your performances with T-Vice, there were some fireworks so to speak with the shooting that took place. Can you please tell us what happened?

ALAN: It was T-Vice's anniversary, Zin opened up that evening for them. The first half of the night was going smoothly, we invited Roberto to join us on stage to jam, which he did and the crowd was going crazy. He even expressed his respect for Zin, which we thought was nice of him. During the break time, the DJ took over for about a half hour.

T-Vice didn't really have a chance to play much because minutes after they started playing, there were gunshots all over the place, which caused total panic in Florville. Well it was a pretty sad way to end a great night.

KM: What is next on the calendar for the group Zin for the rest of the year? When can we expect a new CD from the band?

ALAN: We have a pretty tight schedule for the rest of the year. We will be touring all over the tri-state area. We have upcoming trips to France, Guyana, Miami and Haiti again. The next CD of Zin "sou recho lap bouilli"! "Nou gen yon seri bel misik nan djakout nou." Patience ... Patience ...

KM: How is your upcoming solo CD release coming up? When can we expect it to be released?

ALAN: My CD is almost done, it should be out soon ...Patience ...Patience.

KM: We have it from reliable sources that your project might be released under a major label. Can you please elaborate?

ALAN: It is a possibility but I have yet to finalize the deal. When it's done you'll be the first to hear about it!

KM: How is the new female duo team of Daphne and Virginia working out so far? What is your opinion of Virginia so far musically and professionally? What has been the reaction of the public towards her?

ALAN: So far I think that they are doing great. They are getting along fine, their choreographies are intact and their voices are on point. I have heard them working on their harmonies and it's tight ... tight... tight. Being in a band is all about teamwork and they are showing an exceptional example of it.

Musically, I think she has a great ear. In terms of her singing, she is very Americanized and I really think that we made a great choice. Well, I have not heard anything negative about Virginia so far. The fans here and in Haiti like her, she's a beautiful girl and she can sing and dance really well.

KM: Can she replace Princess Georgy in the band? In other words, do you see her having the same impact or a bigger impact on the band/fans down the road?

ALAN: She did replace Georgy. We will make certain we provide her with the right material, so she can make her own impact.

KM: We all know that you more than anyone was responsible for Georgy remaining in the band for as long as she did. Why did you fight for her so hard to stay in the band? Even going as far as standing up for her on many occasions when the other "top honchos" in the group wanted her kicked out.

ALAN: Indeed, I was more tolerant with her then the others because through the years as my co-singer we developed a bond that I didn't want to lose. (Epi tou 10 ans pa 10 jou). I did care for her well being.

KM: We also understand that as much as you fought to keep her in the band, was the incident at Planet Malibu in which she allegedly almost had you arrested was the straw that broke the camel's back? Please explain.

ALAN: Truthfully, it was an isolated incident that got blown out of proportion. I along with Georgy and the band members discussed the situation and put it behind us.

KM: Please explain to us what happened that night for the benefit of those who don't know the story.

ALAN: Previously answered in question 10.

KM: Alan, please tell us about the embarrassing incident at the "KOMPAFET" press conference last year?

ALAN: The incident at the KOMPAFET press conference was the result of a misguided individual who constantly enjoys instigating trouble.

KM: How is your relationship with Georgy now?

ALAN: She called me to express her condolences when my mother passed away. We still talk from time to time.

KM: What is your opinion on her joining the group Phantoms? What will it do for her and what will it do for them?

ALAN: I have told her that she would have been better off pursuing a solo career, but she is a gran moun she does as she pleases. Therefore I wish her well with her career. As for them ?????????????

KM: Would you care to comment about allegations that the band exploited Georgy during her stay in the group? I even think a song is allegedly written about that in Phantoms upcoming CD.

ALAN: The allegations are completely false. The band members never exploited Georgy. She was treated as an equal member of the band. All employers have rules and regulations, which are implemented and put into place for the success and growth of the company. If not followed, then certain sanctions are taken. The sanctions that were taken against Georgy were not exploitations but disciplinary actions, which she chose to perceive differently.

KM: You recently went through an emotional journey, the passing of your mother. What can you tell us about that? What did she mean to you? We understand that you guys were extremely close.

ALAN: Nanie (mom's nickname) truthfully has gone to a better place. However, she is with me everyday. I feel her presence and I know she is still protecting and guiding me. We were very close; I called my mother at anytime of the day or night for assistance on anything. I could never explain my mom's insights, which were expressed through her writings and paintings.

KM: There are rumors out there that you were allegedly ticked off at some members of your group for not attending your mother's funeral, or for not canceling their shows that particular weekend. Is that accurate? Did you almost quit as it has been rumored because of that? This is your chance to set the record straight.

ALAN: No, that is not true at all. I was informed that the services were going to be held on Wednesday June 14, 2000, which is what I told the band members. When I got to Haiti on Monday the 12th, I was informed that the funeral was scheduled for the next morning. I then called Alex and Eddy and informed them that they along with the other members would arrive too late. As for canceling the scheduled contracts, haven't you heard the term "the show must go on." I never for one minute considered quitting Zin.

KM: Phantoms wants to challenge you guys face to face on stage. Will it happen again? If yes or no, why or why not?

ALAN: No, We are simply not interested.

KM: What is the story with the incident that happened in Brooklyn last weekend where your mixer was allegedly poured on with water? Who do you think is behind that?

ALAN: I cannot speculate on who is behind anything. I can only hope that the person(s) responsible realize that they did not do the audience a favor. People paid good money to enjoy a night out. When one person or a group of people decides to start a fight, trash the place and destroy the musician's equipments, it is only a bad reflection on us all.

KM: Mr. Cave is in love. Tell us about married life? What does Myrtho Cave mean to you?

ALAN: Married life is wonderful although it is not much different from before we were married. We have been living together for 3 years and we have been in a relationship for 5 years. Myrtho is my BOO, my companion, my lover, my friend in other words, my everything. She means so much to me. I am in Love man, in Luuuv ......

KM:: Any final words for your fans and members of the industry?

ALAN: Thanks for voting for me as the best singer in the KM poll. This really means so much to me and it encourages me to work more for my fans. Now, let's see if I do as well in the polls of the best Song Smile Love and Kisses to All of My FANS!!!

The members of the industry should always remember that the Haitian market is not half of what it should be. So let's all stick together and support each other in all of our future endeavors. Peace!
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