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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:43 pm    Post subject: FABRICE ROUZIER (YEAR 2000)! Reply with quote

Fabrice Rouzier
Interview conducted by Patrick Desvarieux

Fabrice Rouzier

1) What's the latest on Mizik Mizik? We understand that you guys are in the studio, tell us what's up? We want all the details. How many songs, when will it be released, and which label will release it?

We (Mizik-Mizik) are almost done with the mixing of our album. We have recorded a lot of songs and not all of them will make it to the final album. We plan to have about 10 songs including this year's carnival song " Pa gen ponyet " and "Blakawout" of course. This is a very different album from the second and third Mizik Mizik album ( "De Ger" and " Ki moun ou ye?"). It is not so much an album that we "had" to do but much more an album that we "wanted" to do... And no, there is no promoter behind it as of yet.

2) Why the long vacation? It seems like ages since the last CD "Ki Moun ou ye" came out.

The long vacation from the public was long overdue. Let me just remind you that as individuals, we have never stopped performing live or in the studio ( not as Mizik-Mizik ). I spent some time playing with Boulo Valcourt's band. I arranged, played and produced several albums, Keke did his thing too, Roro Laine is still playing with Djakout/ Take 5 , Eric was playing with Djakout/ Gamax and Choupitte was playing with Atomic.

With the overnight success that we had back in 1993, some heads got to big for some bodies fairly quickly... This type of attitude got to me and to some other band members . I was ready to quit in 1994 but with the encouragement of drummer Rolls Laine, I decided to stay. Then, there was a lack of what we perceived as "good" competition / stimulation.

We felt for a long time that we were probably the last band in "continental" Haiti to be doing the real music thing and not merely the loudmouth thing. (We don't feel any different today!). We also were tired of playing the same tunes because of some members choosing to go after some skirts rather than show up for rehearsals. Last but not least, we were tired of being "screwed" by so-called promoters in Haiti and elsewhere.

In June of 1999, we decided to start writing songs together again because we all subscribe to the following saying : "If you do not agree with something or someone and you do not take any steps to try and bring about some change, you should not complain".

3) Are you worried that the public may have forgotten about you guys?

Of course we are. We are back to square one. We feel like we have a new challenge and it is to become "hip" once again. The favorable comments that we have received concerning our latest single " Blakawout " are making us less nervous though. We have also had some private sessions with people from the press like Louko from Vision 2000 and some other radio personalities to get the lowdown on our project...

We are very happy about the comments and suggestions. We have also surrounded ourselves with musicians and friends for whom we have the greatest admiration and respect. We also played a small wedding a month ago and the new songs had a very good impact. All things considered, we are quite confident that we are coming out with a good record and a good live show.

4) Who will be the lead singer on the CD? There are rumors that Eric Charles is no longer with Mizik Mizik. Please clear that up.

As I'm writing this, I'm on the phone with Eric Charles. He sings most of the cuts on the album. We have some new musicians in the band. We have a new singer, a new congas player, a new bass player and an additional keyboard player. Eric spent some time doing some gigs with Cap Haitien based GAMAX ... We have a very honest relationship. We are not bound by any contracts that would limit one's creativity and money making ability. Of course, our first and foremost priority , musically speaking, remains Mizik-Mizik.

5) How was your experience at the Carnival this past March? Did it turn out the way that you wanted it to be?

Our experience in Carnival 2000 was definitely the best ever. We had a superb crew ( Band, Sound, Float, Security and Management ) and wonderful sponsors. Everyone involved in the project was very happy about our performance. This is the sixth time that we have done this and we are just starting to get the hang of things... It is the result of a long process that we started in November of 1999.

This year, we had everything planned out carefully. We worked hard at it and it paid off. Someone came up to me and told me how happy she was that we were back because we were the ONLY Compas band that had a clean set ( No foul language and a kick ass show ) during the 3 days. We are already in the planning stages for 2001.

5A) In your opinion, which bands did well at the carnival, and which ones didn't?

I think Chandel had the best song, period. I am not going to comment about the other Compas bands because I'm biased. I'll just say that I miss bands like Digital Express because they used to be the ones I would gauge Mizik-Mizik against... The rap movement except for King Posse was a huge disappointment in my opinion. The racine/roots movement had excellent efforts like Rev, Tokay and the carnival 2000 anthem "Laloz" from Raram...

6) This is for the Mizik Mizik fans. Any chance that the original lineup will ever get together to record again? We're speaking about Manno Obas, Vardy Pharel and Frantz Emile.

Let me correct you. The original Mizik Mizik lineup was: 1) Christophe Lafontant from Djous on vocals 2) Gary Perez from Zenglen / Ozone. We don't have any desire to do so . I think we have grown apart musically and it is for the best.

7) Was there a bitter disagreement as it has been rumored?

Of course there were disagreements. I do not care to discuss them publicly.

8) What is your opinion of the Lov' CD?

I played on some of these tracks not knowing that it was going to be a "Lov" album. Honestly, there are some things that I liked and some others that I thought were mediocre because Mizik Mizik had made much better arrangements and performances of these songs...But then again, it is just my opinion.

9) What's in the future for the band in terms of touring the United States and Canada, among other things?

We are shooting a video for "Blakawout" this week ( Joe Dore is directing it.) We have a couple of private shows and we should be touring the States early next year. We had some offers for Canada in the fall but I don't think it will happen.

10) Any final words for your fans?

I want to thank you Pat first and foremost. Congratulations on your magazine and on your website. I want to thank the "netizens" (fans or not), that are going to take the time to read this. We are coming out with a new sound and we hope that you will like it. May God bless you all.
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