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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:40 pm† †Post subject: ARLY LARIVIERE ON GETTING KICKED OUT OF DZINE! (2000)! Reply with quote

Arly Larivière (former maestro of Dzine)
Interview conducted by Patrick Desvarieux

Arly Lariviere

KM: Why were you kicked out of the band?
ARLY: I don't know why. I still don't understand.

KM: Why was it done that way on stage in front of a crowd?

ARLY: I believe in being a team player. I still don't understand why they decided to do something like that in public when we were performing. Maybe in time we will understand why it happened and what was going through the minds of the people that did it.

I know for a fact that not everyone supported this. A lot of people that follow Dzine believe in Arly. I believe in Dzine and I believe in their musicians as well. Even after what they did, I know they feel bad. They don't have to tell that to the media, but I know in their hearts they know what I meant to Dzine.
KM: Who do you think was behind this coup?

ARLY: (Hesitates) I will not name any names. Not until I hear from the people who were behind it. I will never say anything. I thought that I was such good friends with some of them that I would never think that they would do something like this. The public can have their own opinions about who, but I would never do that. I could name someone and that person could've been under pressure.

If I say Gazzman for example, he could've done this thing under pressure. They could say Zagalo and it's possible that he could've been under pressure as well. I would never be able to say who was behind it because I don't know what's in their hearts. Did they do it with all their hearts in it, or did they pay them to do it like I'm hearing from a lot of people. If some people got paid to do this and I were to name them, I would degrade their value as a person.

I don't know. I was just told, so until I hear it from the actual people who did it and the ones who paid them, I will doubt it. I know very well because I spoke to some of the musicians in the band. I know that not everybody is behind this coup up till this minute that I'm speaking to you.

KM: Rumor has it that Gazzman was forced to do it or else he would've been kicked out of the band as well. Is that true?

ARLY: I can't verify that, but I will tell you this, If I was the one who got pressured into kicking Gazzman out of the group, I would've told them to kick me out at the same time as him. Gazzman knows that I've gotten that kind of pressure for him already.

KM: You've gotten pressured to kick Gazzman out of the band before?

ARLY: Yes, of course. Everyone has pressured me to do it, especially the last few weeks before this happened. I've gotten it from musicians and fans as well. They said that they had problems with Gazzman, but maybe they wanted me to have problems with Gazzman, just to find something to get rid of me too.

If they had put me on the spot and told me that we can't go on with Gazzman and you have to put him out tonight, I have the impression that I would've left the club with Gazzman that same night if I was in his position. I would have never been able to do that to someone.

KM: How did this thing happen on the stage?

ARLY: They finished playing two songs off of the new record. When it was time for me to sing the song "You and I", Gazzman picked up the microphone and made a call out. He was asking the fans and musicians in the band..(stops) I asked him what was happening and told him that if he wanted to do what he was doing, to at least wait until after the party because we were playing for the public.

He said that he had been pressured too much about this and that his life was in danger because people were talking. At that moment, Francis Thelusmond came on the stage in a friendly manner and told me to come with him because he said that I was above what was happening on the stage.. The owner of the club also called the cops to come and escort me to my car. They had fans that were part of the coup who did not come up on the stage, and they also had fans who got on the stage and were protesting.

The musicians that were for the coup, and the ones that were against the coup got on the stage and started arguing. The band could not continue playing. I did not want things to get out of hand, so I thought it would be a good move to get off the stage and leave the band.

KM: Did they ever ask you to resign before?

ARLY: No. There was a reunion two to three weeks before this happened where they tried to take a vote to change me as the maestro of the band. The vote ended in a tie with three votes for and three votes against. One person remained neutral.

Wilson, Zagalo and Wesner voted for Felder as the maestro. Marcellus, Gazzman, and Felder, the person that they wanted to replace me as the maestro voted for me to continue as Dzine's maestro. Delly Francois remained neutral because he said he did not want to get involved.

KM: What's this we hear about Arly composing all the songs on the CD. Why is it that no one else composes?

ARLY: I'm not the reason why they don't compose. There are people who worked on the album. Wilson is one of the people who made an effort in bringing me a song. He made me listen to it. I even have what he sent me. I can make you listen to it. From what he sent me, I took it and worked on it. I retained what was good in the melody and I added the rest because the song was not complete. It only had the beginning. I wrote the text because I changed the words. That's why his name is on the credits for "Stop the Violence" because he worked on it. Felder also got credit for some songs. The people that worked on the songs got credit. If they did not work on them, they did not get credit.

KM: Was there friction in the band because you brought in some outsiders to play on the album?

ARLY: That's what brought all of this on today. Dzine is a band that practices when they are on stage. There are a lot of guys who are busy working, some of them get off work really late at nine in the evening and have to get up really early.

Wilson (drummer) for example is a guy who gets off of work really late. It's always a problem to reunite Dzine in the studio to rehearse. We got to a point where the band needed an album. In the little time that the guys had that they could offer Dzine, that was one of the reasons why it took so long to complete the CD. Wilson with his own mouth told me that he had no problems if we had a guest drummer on the album. He even suggested that we use Ti Fanfan from Massaj. He said that because of his job, he did not have the time to learn the songs.

The band did not rehearse the songs in the studio. I finished working on them at home and brought them in the studio for the guys to come play on it. Yvon Jerome (drummer for Mizik Mizik) also played on the album, but we had to erase his track because the drums didn't sound too good that day. Had we recorded his track, we would've had more guest artists on the CD.

We thought that if Wilson focused on five or six songs on the record instead of ten, it would be better because he would not have to concentrate on all these songs. The guys did not know the songs until they got to the studio. It was just because of the time constraint, and I also wanted different flavors on the album. A "gigger" is not part of the band.

KM: Did the guys from Dzine get paid for the CD?

ARLY: As of now, no they haven't gotten paid yet because Arly hasn't gotten paid yet. We had a small deposit that was given ($2000) which in part went to pay the studio and session musicians/guest artists.

KM: Did that have anything with the guys getting upset?

ARLY: No. There's a rumor that said that I got paid $40.000 for the album and that I did not pay anyone. It's been said by the executive producer of the album that he gave a deposit for work that was done in the studio. We had it in the contract that Dzine would get paid the balance of the money one month after the CD's release.

KM: Was this supposed to be a solo CD?

ARLY: If it was supposed to, it could've been because I worked on it enough for it to be a solo album.

KM: Do you see Arly ever playing with Dzine again?

ARLY: You never say never in life, but I don't want to return with Dzine.

KM: If they came to you and apologized for the way you were ousted, would you return?

ARLY: I don't think so.

KM: Can the band continue without Arly?

ARLY: There isn't only one Arly Lariviere. There isn't only one person who can do the job that I did in Dzine. All they need to do is to take their time and search for someone.

KM: Let's be clear. If they apologized, and asked you to return. You would not?

ARLY: They could say they are sorry and I don't return. However, there could be something stronger than "I'm sorry" or something that could happen.

KM: What could be stronger than I'm sorry?

ARLY: I don't know. I can't think of that this minute. Every second that passes by, something is going on. I'll tell you right now, at this moment, I don't see myself on stage performing with Dzine.

KM: Do you see yourself with the band again even if you are not the maestro?

ARLY: No. It's not a problem of maestro, it's about respect. I will always be the musical director of the band. I don't have to be the maestro of the band to be the musical director. They can separate the both of them.

KM: Isn't it the same thing? People always think of the maestro as the musical director of the band.

ARLY: A musical director would be the one analyzing the songs that are going on the record. It's a position that requires a lot of respect. I'm worth something, and I think that's to be respected.

KM: How important was Arly to Dzine?

ARLY: I don't think I was because if I were, I wouldn't have received that treatment. (Laughs)

KM: Is Arly Lariviere done in Florida as far as having a band?

ARLY: They also said the same thing about Brutus from Zenglen. What happened to me was not a first. This band has a habit of doing things like that.

KM: Were you the one behind the Brutus coup like people have said?

ARLY: Brutus was the one who invited me in the band. When that thing happened, Brutus and I were always talking and negotiating. The guys picked me as the maestro because they saw that I could lead them musically. The reason that I did not follow Brutus' lead was because I wanted to prove that I could do something.

KM: Do you think a lot of people knew that this thing was going to happen when it did?

ARLY: I think there are certain people who were not aware of what was going to happen, but at a certain point they backed it up. After it happened, they all took the plane the next day and went to Boston.

KM: Did you feel something fishy was going down when you got to the club?

ARLY: I've felt something strange for some time. I did not like the atmosphere, but I never expected something like that to happen.

KM: Again, do you think Gazzman was forced to do this?

ARLY: Of all the friends I had in the group, I thought he was my best friend. I can't really say anything yet. I don't know if he was behind it, or if he was pressured to do what he did. He would have to tell me himself that he did that. I don't know what's going on. A lot of people say that it wasn't supposed to happen. I have musicians who've spoken to me and told me that it wasn't right.

KM: Name some names.

ARLY: I can't do that. (Laughs)

KM: Will they get kicked out of the band if you tell me their names?

ARLY: They can't kick a guy out just because he came and spoke to me. The guys kicked me out in a way, but they can't really kick me out for real.

KM: In your mind, you are still part of Dzine?

ARLY: I, Arly can decide that I'm leaving Dzine. They know that they can't kick me out. They can do something for me to turn my back and leave the band, but legally Dzine Inc. can't kick me out like that.

KM: Are you considering some sort of legal action?

ARLY: No. I will not get to that level. Nothing of the sort will happen. I want them to continue existing. Something like that can happen if they come and accuse me of stealing their money. If Dzine declares that I stole their money directly, then I will ask them to prove it to me. That's the only way that I see this going that far. They will never take the chance to say something like that because they know it's not true.

KM: I'm going to name some band members, you tell me how you think they were involved in the coup. Zagalo?

ARLY: We used to talk a lot. He used to warn me by saying "Attention Arly, attention. Min traite" (Be careful Arly.there are traitors over here) I still can't consider him as a traitor because he used to talk to me. Maybe he was pressured into this situation. When he was asked if he knew what was going on, his answer was "my life is in danger. I'm getting pressured." That was his response on stage.

KM: Felder?

ARLY: I don't think that he knew, but he was caught in a position because he's the new maestro. I think right now he had to take a stand. There's probably something that he had to do with. I will not say that. I don't think so. They put him in the maestro spot and he accepted.

KM: Gazzman?

ARLY: "Toro sa" (Laughs) Even if people tell me, until he tells me himself (stops) We've talked before, we always do, and it's a must that we speak again. He was the voice behind the thing. I think we should talk like we've always done before. I don't understand his position. I don't want to hear it from anyone else but himself.

KM: Delly Francois?

ARLY: They say that, but I don't believe in he said/she said.

KM: Did you and Delly have a problem?

ARLY: Everyone knows that Gazzman was the one Delly had a problem with. They always had a problem with one calling himself "SEXY" and the other calling himself "Bon Vocal" (Great Vocals). It's the truth. Gazzman used to complain to me in my ear when Delly would say "Min vocal serieux an" (Here's the real vocalist). Gazzman would get back at him by saying that the crowd wanted a sexy band.

KM: Did you encourage this battle between the two vocalists?

ARLY: I did not encourage anything. When you are on stage, there are certain things that you don't get involved in. As a band leader, I couldn't get involved.

KM: Is Delly Francois coming back?

ARLY: They will try to do that to prove that I was the bad guy in all of this. He could come back and become friends with Gazzman again, even though they won't be able to remain friends for too long.

KM: Last word to Dzine and the fans?

ARLY: I will speak to the fans first because the musicians from Dzine don't respect me. (Laughs) They should continue to support Dzine. As for Dzine, they are my brothers, and I hope they don't do the same thing they did to me to the new maestro. They should treat him with respect.

When they do something like what they did, they lose a lot of credibility in the eyes of several people. They know that. It will not get them anywhere if they continue like this. They should also continue the tradition of Dzine. They should also learn to respect brother musicians like themselves.

KM: Did you ever say that Gazzman couldn't sing?

ARLY: I would've never worked with him if I felt that way. I don't have the right to say that. There are so many people who couldn't sing and worked at it until they mastered it.

KM: Do you think Gazzman can sing?

ARLY: He animates the band well. He holds the public in the palm of his hand when they come to see a show. As a singer he's doing Dzine's job. He fits the band well. I will not say he's an excellent singer, but he fits the band.

KM: Arly, coming to New York to start rehearsing with the group N.Y All-Stars?

ARLY: That's what it is.
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 8:34 am† †Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Pat, very good interview from Arly!
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I was not too much into Konpa when the Dizine fiasco happened, danm these guys are gangstaz Laughing Laughing Laughing threw the guy off stage.

KM: Do you think Gazzman can sing?

ARLY: He animates the band well. He holds the public in the palm of his hand when they come to see a show. As a singer he's doing Dzine's job. He fits the band well. I will not say he's an excellent singer, but

I would like to know what he feels right now about Gazzman singing abilities?
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 2:39 pm† †Post subject: Reply with quote





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PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 5:06 pm† †Post subject: Reply with quote

Hum, it was a nice interview. God job Pat as always. I like the way the maestro spoke. He didn't point fingers at anyone and he kept his calm. He didn't hold any grudges because he is still working with some of them. Maesto nomal la kembe la, pa moli.

Where is dzine now? VYE JES MESIE DZINE YO.
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