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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:32 pm Post subject: KEKE BELIZAIRE (2000)! Reply with quote

Kèkè Bélizaire
(Lead Guitar for Mizik Mizik)
Interview conducted by Patrick Desvarieux

1) Hey Kèkè. How are you and what's up in the near future for MIZIK MIZIK?

Kèkè: I'm fine thank you and it's a pleasure for me to do an interview with KM and looking forward to M&M's future USA performances.

2) How has the response been so far from the fans and industry people regarding the new CD "BLAKAWOUT"? Please elaborate.

Kèkè:So far the response on M&M's Blakawout is very positive . We all know that Blakawout is not only a confirmed hit in Haiti but bound to be an all time classic just like DP Express' DAVID, DJET X' Love 2 LOVE , SHAH SHAH : Caroline etc.

Our other troubadour song « Sa pou'n fè » is on its way to the top at the same pace Blakawout went to the top , followed by Karo , and other songs like « Tankou yon wa » , « Fan'm Chans » « SONIA » have already conquered the hearts of many of our hardcore fans . Generally the outcome on the album is very good and we're looking at a very prosperous year 2001 for Mizik Mizik . Like they say « 2001 ap bon tout bon ».

3) Did you guys have any idea that the response would've been so overwhelming especially for the songs "Blakawout" and "Sa Poun Fait"?

Kèkè: We didn't know that Blakawout would have so much success , but while producing the song we knew that if this song were to be a hit it would be a big one . The song sounded to us like a breeze of fresh air in the middle of a furnace .And also the song sounded so new and so roots at the same time

When Blakawout hit the top during summer 2000 at hyperspace speed we realized that the public was not only looking for some new grooves and new style of compas but they were also amazed by us crying out loud problems that people had been whispering about for the longest time . That's when we decided to do « Sa pou'n fè » one week before our master deliver deadline .

Once the song was finished and we listened several time to both grooves and lyrics we knew that we would have a big hit once again .

4) Why do you think the title track "Blakawout" caused so much controversy in the eyes of a lot of people?

Kèkè:« BLAKAWOUT » caused so much controversy because lots of people didn't expect a razor sharp social oriented tune from us . People tend too much to consider Mizik Mizik head management (Fabrice and I ) as K.P.S. « kapab pa soufri », but unfortunately they never realized that we are hard workers period, and that we earn (a la sueur de nos fronts) what ever good that comes to us .

Most people are very pleased that we're taking a stand , saying in an ironic fashion or in a straight down to earth mode, that things are wrong here and that things should change . Other people were pissed off at us mostly for personal reasons , and some just because they have hearing and reading problems and couldn't catch exactly what the lyrics were all about, just like that so-called reporter ********. That ******** article is the most stupid article I've read in years .

5) Any plans for touring the States in support of the new CD? When can the fans expect to see you guys over here?

Kèkè : Yes, we are currently planing dates for a tour in the States . A lot of people are calling, faxing and e-mailing us , but we are trying to put things together for both Mizik Mizik's and promoters' best interests. We can say that fans can expect us at the latest Easter 2001.

6) Do you think the band has finally gotten over the departure of three of its' key members in Manno Obas, Vardy Pharel and Frantz Emile? Please tell us your take on the matter.

Kèkè: To tell you the truth Pat I don't recall Mizik Mizik having any problems as a band with former members not being a part of the band anymore. Our fans may have lost a bit of confidence in the band , but our job was to prove them wrong and that's exactly what's happening now.

I also disagree with you referring to former members as key members . I feel that no one is "indispensable" to any given band or organization. Fabrice and I are among the founders of this band and we are probably the more recognizable members of Mizik Mizik .We have had from past to present very influential fellow musicians in this band, but that's about it .

We ( Fabrice and I) are Mizik Mizik's soul masters and leaders and till we decide otherwise Mizik Mizik will live and breathe through us forever .

7) Would it be too unrealistic to expect a MIZIK MIZIK/LOV' concert/bal or tour in the near future? Why and why not?

Kèkè: I do not see why not . If Mizik Mizik / LOV bal is a good package for promoters and fans, and the conditions are right for us Mizik Mizik we would be glad to play a bal with them. And that goes for any band in the industry .

8) Is there friction between you guys and the departed band members that are now with LOV'?

Kèkè: Not that I am aware of.

9) There are those who say that based on the success of the two troubadour songs on the CD, "Blakawout" and "Sa Poun Fait", that maybe the whole CD should have been that way. What do you say to that?

Kèkè: I would say that Mizik Mizik should produce a whole troubadour CD before long. My take on that, being a business person, is that Haitian promoters should be trying to create new Haitian music market trends, based on what compas is now, not what it used to be.

Isn't compas direct ours (Haitian people) ? Do we have to stand for what they want us to be or what we really are? Unfortunately Haitian promoters seem to be looking for a Tabou Combo "8ème Sacrement" version 2.0 , in order to get Haitian music back in the international scene.No offense to old school compas, if it weren't for them we wouldn't even be doing this interview. Why do we always have to go back ?

Why can't we move on from what older bands did for us ? We (Mizik Mizik) are big old school fans but Haitian music seen by Haitians has gone past that trend . Shouldn't they (promoters) start working closer to the bands in order to prepare a better packaging and presentation of what compas is right now ? I would love Konpa Magazine's take on that .

10) Which songs are your personal favorites on the CD? Which ones did you know were going to be big hits, and which one are you totally surprised that it's a hit?

Kèkè: I'm crazy about the album in its entirety. I think all the songs are potential hits but in their own time .I think that from now to Christmas some songs will get to the top, some songs will and have already made it to the top . From after Carnival to the summer the rest will take off like a rocket.

11) Has the Haitian music industry train passed by and left MIZIK MIZIK behind because of your long break from the Haitian music scene?

Kèkè: Definitely not . If we kept on doing the same things that would have happened but we keep on improving ourselves innovating and creating new grooves ,styles and market trends. We are not a static band and we do not follow other bands trends we create our own and never stop coming up with new stuff.

12) Who is your favorite guitarist and why?

Kèkè: Dadou Pasquet . He's a risk taker and I love his blendings : Blues over compas , funk over compas etc. He's a great artist and Haitian music will wait a long time before creating a Haitian guitar legend such as Dadou Pasquet

13) What about your favorite band besides MIZIK MIZIK? Why?

Kèkè: Zenglen , Zenglen and Zenglen. Pat these guys are awesome .

14) We understand that there was a huge bidding war for the band which involved three of the top major Haitian record labels. Please tell us about it and how it ended up in the hands of the Antilles Mizik label?

Kèkè:The smartest label won .

15) Any final words?

Kèkè: Peace and love to Kompa! Magazine's fans and staff and I hope everyone that reads my interview enjoys it .
Phone: (646) 529-5735
E-Mail: Kompamagazine@gmail.com

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