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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:19 pm    Post subject: JENSEN ON PHANTOMS NEW CD WITH PRINCESS GEORGY! Reply with quote

Jensen Desrosiers of Phantoms
Interview conducted by Patrick Desvarieux

Jensen Desrosiers

1) Jensen, what can we expect from the new Phantoms CD when it is released?

Jensen: We'll let the fans, and the critics be the judge. From my standpoint, this is one of the best projects we've put together; with the participation of all of our musicians. This is the first time in the music industry where you'll see a band feature 6 of its' musicians as lead vocalists on one album.

2) Will this CD bring Phantoms back up to the top of the industry? Why do you think so?

Jensen: One CD alone can't bring a band on top. It takes hard work, dedication, and discipline, which is what we are concentrating on at the moment.. ..and the fans and the general public are beginning to feel the momentum
3) Is this the last chance you think for Phantoms to get back up in the market? Are you guys under a lot of pressure for this one?

Jensen: We were never out of the market. In this business there are always low seasons. At the moment we might be experiencing some lows in the New York area, but you have to take the other states into consideration. The whole music industry is down in New York. We are still on top in Miami. But believe me we are on our way up...and always remember what's goes up must come down, and vice versa.

4) You recently added Princess Georgy (formerly of Zin) in the group. What effect do you think it will have on the band?

Jensen: Georgy is a great performer, of course she will add some spices to the band, and you'll see Phantoms add some spices into her too. Together, it will be a perfect blend.

5) In an interview with Alex Abellard of Zin on the website, he stated that he doesn't think that Georgy will help Phantoms bring any competition to his group. What do you have to say about that?

Jensen: We don't consider Zin as a competition. A competitor is someone who accepts challenges, and for seven years, Zin has yet to accept our challenge to face us, on stage "face to face".

6) Are you targeting Zin with your next CD?

Jensen: Our CD is a dedication to our fans, who have been waiting impatiently for us to make them feel proud again about being a Phantom. I want to tell them that this CD will not disappoint them: "Nou pran tan, men nou pote bon nouvel". We took our time but we are bringing them some good news.

7) Why did the group's popularity go down from what it was before? What do you think?

Jensen: The last time I looked in the dictionary, the word "popular" meant the " most talked about". If we were not popular, you would never ask us for an interview. We are still the most talked about band in the business. We are a moving target, everyone wants to challenge us at the same time they are afraid to face us. Just having 500 or less people at a party every weekend is not what we see as popular. Whenever King Kino goes to Haiti, the country is at a standstill, whether he's performing or not, that's what you call popularity.

8) Is Phantoms more popular when you sing about politics, or do you think it makes the band less popular?

Jensen: I'll rather you use the word " social political". This is the duty and responsibility of a band to protect and represent its' community. We make a living out of them, therefore we must be their watch guard whenever their well being is threatened. This is what Phantoms is all about, we sing against injustice, and we are the voice of the speechless. But we're not all political, we also sing love. "Haiti en cowboy", "Reconciliation", can be seen as our trademark, but so is " 14 fevrier" and "Don't you know I love you."

9) Have you guys officially given up on the war that you had with Sweet Micky in the past? Will we see a Sweet Micky/Phantoms bal very soon, especially since you guys seem to be dealing with his N.Y promoter.

Jensen: When you see your enemy is giving you the silence treatment, that's when you should worry the most. A predictable attack is easier to defend than a surprised one. In terms of dealing with the same promoter as Micky, it is part of the business. Don King is the promoter of both Holyfield and Mike Tyson, and both of them fight.

10) Is that a sign that Phantoms have admitted defeat at the hands of Sweet Micky?

Jensen: I think I answered the question with the previous answer

11) We notice that the other members of the band seem to be back in a strong way. Are they no longer "giggers" like before?

Jensen: We were always a family, we'll always remain as family. You probably notice more dedication on their part.

12) Why is Sharon no longer in the group after she reportedly was ready to come back with the band?

Jensen: This a question you'll have to ask Sharon. She is always welcome in the band, she is part of the family. At the same time we understand her responsibility with work and school. Raising a child is not an easy task.

13) Which one is the stronger market in the industry? New York or Miami? Why?

Jensen: At the moment I can say that Miami seems to be leading the market. One of the reasons for this rise is because of the openness that the promoters in Miami have. Here in New York, we only limit ourselves to the local clubs within the community. It would be impossible for Tabou, System, Phantoms, Zin and Skah Shah to play the same night in New York. There would be no clubs to put them within the community, but at the same time there are hundreds of clubs in Manhattan that will welcome a Haitian band.

But in Miami it is different. The promoters bring their parties to any clubs in Miami, even if it's outside the Haitian community. But I think Miami might end up in the same situation as New York, because of some local clubs that are evolving in the Haitian community, therefore I think that might put the same limitation to go beyond their own community as the situation exists in New York.

I believe New York will be back on top again once we have a strong leadership like Phantoms. I know the fans are dying to see another Roseland "Tabou Vs Phantoms" or " Phantoms Vs. Zin" or " Kassav Vs. Phantoms" at Manhattan Center. We can't give the "bals" all the time. I also think a lot of the blame has to be put on the promoters, DJs, and the media. They don't promote the local bands at all.

14) Alex of Zin in his interview said that his worst experience as an artist was the night that Zin played with Phantoms in Manhattan. We all know what happened that day. What do you have to say about that?

Jensen: I can understand why Alex feels that was his worst experience. Indeed it was, because they were not prepared for this type of event, they were not ready for "ShowTime". But they should have known that Phantoms always takes these types of events to a higher level. We could not afford to stay at their level.

Alex can't blame his lack of preparation on his competitor. But one thing I can say, a real competitor, when he loses a fight, he will not miss a chance to retaliate. Didn't you see when Mike Tyson lost the belt to Holyfield his first word in the interview after the fight, was "REMATCH ". In the concert last year with Kassav, we did not fulfill our fan's expectations, but we never blamed Kassav for it, even though they had a lot to do with it, but it was also our responsibility to be ready at any cost, and because of that we can't wait to have a second shot at them. So Alex is just being a "sore loser".

15) Do you think a Zin/Phantoms will ever happen again? Anytime soon?

Jensen: This is a question you should ask Zin, as I tell you we are always ready...anytime...any place ...anywhere...but I think Zin will never be ready...and that's one of the reasons Miami is leading the market. There are no leaders here from the so-called "jazz k'ap mennen".

16) The members of Zin proclaimed that Georgy was undisciplined. If that is the case, what do you guys plan to do to make sure that the same problems will not happen with her in Phantoms?

Jensen: Georgy has been with Zin since she was 15, if she is undisciplined, they are to blame for that. When a parent raises a child, a lot of the characteristics of this child will reflect what she learned at home. We can say Georgy is a product of Zin, now since she has joined our family, you will see a different Georgy as long as we can fix the damage that has been done.

17) Is she a full member or is she under contract?

Jensen: This is personal

1Cool Which female singer out of the two will be featured more prominently? Cassandre or Georgy?

Jensen: Both will be treated equally.

19) Any final words to the fans, members of the industry?

Jensen: Back in the early 90's , when we used to be among the leaders of the music industry, New York used to be the Compas capital of the world. We gave the public reasons to come out. Tabou, System, Zin and Phantoms used to play the same night and still have a descent turnout at all 4 parties.

Now 2 bands can hardly play the same night without one being a fiasco. Our mission is to change that...and make New York takes its' leadership role back once again. We enjoy Miami's leadership, because we are still one of the best there...but home will always be home. We are ready to shake the market, and make things happen. Look out for the new Phantoms era.
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