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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 4:55 pm† †Post subject: TANIA GUERIN: MANAGAGER OF CARIMI! (YEAR 2000) Reply with quote

Tania Guerin
Interview conducted by Patrick Desvarieux

Tania Guerin


1) What do you think CARIMI will bring to the Haitian music industry?
Fresh, new vibes.

TANIA: My guys are very talented there's no doubt. The one thing I think the market was missing is originality when it comes to New Generation Compas, not that there aren't bands with an original twist, but there's something about CaRiMi that makes you swing in a positive way, makes you smile when you listen to their lyrics and definitely gets your feet moving a "première écoute". I've had friends in the French Caribbean Market listen to it and they got into it really quick. The band has a lot of potential to crossover into that market, something not too easy as we've seen many bands struggle to do so in the past. They can do it and I will definitely do my best to make it happen.

Why did you guys not release a music video for "Ayiti" Bang Bang? The general opinon in the industry is that it would have made the song more popular than it already is, as well as raising the visibility of the group.
Well honestly "Ayiti" (Bang Bang) was our first pick, but the reaction to the single was so strong, we fell we need to exploit another one from the album. The public now knows that that particular track belongs to CaRiMi, we now need them to associate another track with the band.

2) Can you tell us who the new members of the band are in terms of the "Live" presentation?

TANIA: Your question comes just in time when we are complete, for now at least. Besides Carlo, Richard and Mickael, there is Noldy Cadet, a very talented and very young bass player and rapper. Carlo discovered him first and when it was time to find someone, he stuck out like a soar thumb! There is also Steve Desrosiers a guitar player from Boston. Why Boston? It was very difficult for us to find a local guitarist (not too many of them out there) and the connection with Steve was so strong, we couldn't pass up on our gut feelings. He's the one and the boy is Bad!!!!!!

3) Why the choice to go DIGITAL instead of FULL in terms of the Live aspect of the band? Any particular reason?

TANIA: For the time being we're going digital because it's an easier format and the outcome is pretty good, but when we start performing, the public will be the judge. Having a full band right now is not in our best interest: too complex for a debut. Besides, we had a hard time finding a guitar player; can you imagine 4 or 5 more members? We do want to add some extras to the band in the future though, maybe a drummer, yeah that would be cool! We'll see what the future holds for us.

KM: We understand that there was some sort of confusion as to whom the manager of Carimi was earlier. Now that it has been settled, can you please clear that up as to what took place?

TANIA: Well there was no confusion as far as CaRiMi and myself were concerned. People assumed there was a debate, but the guys and I have been pretty close shortly after they started the band. One night after a K-dans bal they told me about the project and that they were looking for a manager, we agreed we should work together. Then we had to put things on hold for a little while due the fact that they were all in school. Now that Mickael and Carlo graduated from College and Richard finishing up this school year, it was perfect timing. They finished the product, we went back into negotiations and the rest is history.

KM: I've known you as a member of the industry for a while now. What made you decide to become a band manager out of all the other avenues you could have chosen to pursue in the industry? The second part of the question is out of all the bands you could have gone with, why CARIMI? What do you see in the guys that made you go with that team?

TANIA: True, I have been doing my thing for a while, but that's what has given me the experience needed to take care of a band. I've seen a lot of injustices done to artists and want to defend them, working in their best interest. Also with this knowledge I believe I can help elevate a band and make things happen for it's members... got a few contacts under my belt, let's see how far they can take them.

Why CaRiMi: gotta start somewhere. Besides for me to work with a band/product I have to love it. I'm willing to fight anyone who claims they are Fanatik Numero 1! We get along very well, great affinity, and so far we work very well together. Sure it's only the beginning but as in most marriages, I expect a lot of arguments, but feel we'll get through it.

But being a band manager is not the only thing I'm up to in this industry...I'm still doing a little distribution, working mostly in Zouk, and some other projects, but that's another story. Carimi is the subject at hand now J CaRiMi will go far, and I want to be one of the vehicles that got them there, for my own personal satisfaction.

KM: Being that this industry is mostly a male dominated business, you know that there will probably be a couple of people who might look at you in a certain way (You obviously are an attractive lady) instead of talking business. Has it ever happened to you and how do you plan to handle it? Wow, was that a compliment?

TANIA: Thank you! (smiles/blush) I've experienced that a lot in the market already and honestly because I'm quite friendly and easy to get along with, it doesn't help that impression. However, all those who have dealt with me in the past know I'm very serious about business, and play when it's time to play, if there's time, but business first.

KM: Which bands are you looking to team CARIMI with in terms of bals? I know you know quite a few people in the business.

TANIA: We're hoping to play with any band, as long as it makes sense to the publics eyes. That's what we're here for, to please the public. We want to appeal to all markets, young or old and think we can definitely get away with that delivering BON KOMPA!!! So any band that can contribute to that, welcome aboard!

KM: Any final words?

TANIA: If you don't have the CD yet, GET IT! As some people have said :It's Da Bomb!!!!. I do, however want to express mine and the bands gratitude to the fans out there, the vibes are positive and very strong, we're feeling you as you're feeling us! But how can I not thank Kompa! Magazine... that tool of yours, KMBoard is a great one for expression and trust me I just love reading the postings especially the ones about CaRiMi. Thanks Pat, your support is very appreciated.
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