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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 4:42 pm Post subject: TUCO BOUZI! Reply with quote

We recently spoke to drummer/producer Tuco Bouzi about all the rumors surrounding him and the group Top Vice. This is what he had to say about that and other matters.

KM: Are you joining Top Vice and are you even interested in joining the group?

Tuco: I don’t have anytime for that. No. It was never a question of that happening. Freddie asked them to put a drummer in the band, but at the same time he never approached me about joining Top Vice either. Even if I had intentions of playing in Top Vice, Freddie would advise me against it by saying at the level that I’m in, it wouldn’t make any sense to go in a band.

My name was never brought up by anyone in the band, including myself about joining Top Vice. I’m a bandleader. It’s as if asking Herman Nau (Tabou) to go play in someone else’s band. If I had any intentions of playing in a band, I would put Dixie Band back together.

KM: How would you respond to those who say that Tuco is probably the one behind all or some of the controversy that the band currently finds itself in?

Tuco: The guys from Top Vice might feel threatened by my association with Freddie because I’m a productive individual. I’m not saying that’s what the case is, however they might feel that we will team up to create a band or if Freddie tells them something, they might think that I’m influencing him. Not true. I’ve heard Freddie complain to people. The things that he’s complaining about now, he has been complaining about for a long time. This is nothing new.

KM: Does Tuco have an influence on Freddie?

Tuco: Whatever anyone says about me influencing Freddie, it’s their business. It will not have any effect on what we have to do with our business Planet Mizik. We have a goal, a vision, and a job to do. It might be an attempt by some people to slow us down in what we have to do. Planet Mizik has nothing to do with Top Vice, and we do not interfere in their business.

Top Vice is a band that I love. I always have. I had the same problem when I worked with Shoubou on the song "Honore Yo". They ran the same rumor about me and Shoubou. It’s the same scenario, but eventually things will cool down.

KM: What advice would Tuco have for the members of Top Vice regarding all the rumors surrounding them?

Tuco: Don’t let the rumors play with your minds. In this business, you have to have rumors. What the band needs to do is practice and surpass the very good album that they just released earlier this year.

KM: How doe you think the band is with its current lineup? Do they need another singer to sing next to Freddie?

Tuco: I see the band is just fine the way it is. They play well. However, if Freddie feels that they need a change, it’s between them because it’s their business. I think all these rumors going around about the band will be very good for them in the long run.
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