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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 4:27 pm    Post subject: ALEX ABELLARD OF ZIN! Reply with quote

1) What projects are you guys working on now?

ALEX: We are presently working on Alan' s new CD, on an instrumental Guitar project with Eddy & Alex and also on projects with various talented single artists that we are producing.

2) When can we expect a new studio record from Zin?

ALEX: We are hoping to come out with one in December.

3) We've heard about the upcoming Zin female vocalist Virginia through the pages of Kompa Magazine. What can you tell us about her and when will she be making her debut with the group?
ALEX: She is a good vocalist. We will let the public judge by themselves. She should be starting very, very soon.

4) Can she replace the popular Princess Georgy? In other words, can she make people forget about Georgy? If yes, why do you say that?

ALEX: Georgy has her own talent and the public loves her for that. Virginia (the new female vocalist of Zin) is not coming to make people forget about Georgy, but to add to the number of very talented musicians that we have in our community.

5) What makes you think that there won't be a case of jealousy between the two girls? It always seems to happen between the female singers in your band.

ALEX: We are hoping that we will not have to deal with situations as such, not only between the girls but everyone else in the band. A band should act as family members in business with each other, so if we encounter internal problems, we would deal with them accordingly.

6) Did Georgy leave or was she fired by the band?

ALEX: She feels as if she left but was still calling for meetings. We have had enough of Georgy' s lack of discipline so we felt that any more meetings was unnecessary. But at this point it is not important. The FACT is that SHE IS OUT.

7) Why did she leave if that's what happened?

ALEX: If she did leave indeed that question shoud be answered by her.

7A) Can you confirm that there was friction between Georgy and Daphne?

ALEX: You would have to ask Georgy and Daphnee personally.

8) Please clear up the rumors about Georgy leaving because she didn't get any respect from you guys, and also because she probably never felt appreciated by the band.

ALEX: YOU have a special interest in Georgy I see. Most questions are about her. I do not know how she was not respected but I hope she will find respect wherever she chooses to go. This way whatever she feels that she did not get from us, hopefully she will get it some place else. If she doesn' t, then she will learn to appreciate and respect what she had. (Even though with Georgy the learning process could take a long time).

What we feel is that we are the ones along with the public who did not get any respect from Georgy by her coming late most of the time and lying about the band and the band members everytime she has a chance.

9) Were you guys worried about public backlash if you had kicked her out of the band?

ALEX: Not anymore because the public has also become aware of her lack of discipline.

10) Is Zin the most popular band in New York? Do you see any competition on the horizon?

ALEX: YES. Not yet.

11) How do you feel about Princess Georgy joining Phanttoms? Are you worried at all about her giving a big boost to Phanttoms?

ALEX: We do not care. Oh no, at least we will have someone to compete with. But I doubt that is what' s gonna happen.

12) What is your favorite Zin record? Why?

ALEX: I have two : "O PA" and "MANYENW". The reason being is because these albums reflect the unique style of Zin.

13) Which one is your LEAST favorite?

ALEX: None

14) Zin is looked upon by many people as a "bal" band. Can Zin perform concert style like Tabou Combo if they wanted to? Please elaborate on the answer.

ALEX: Because of the many "bal" contracts that we have, many people have the misconception that we can't play concerts. We've had many successful concerts, for example: Emphrasa in Haiti, New Orleans Jazz Festival, Central Park in NY, and most recently the Floyd Bennett Field Kompa Festival. All of these prove quite the contrary.

15) What is the best experience you've had so far professionally as a member of the group Zin? Please elaborate.


16) What is the worst experience you've had so far professionally as a member of the group Zin? Please elaborate.

ALEX: Playing with Phantoms and having to realize that one cannot trust a fellow musician.

17) Has Zin reached their peak in terms of popularity in the market? In other words, can you go higher?

ALEX: We never think that there is a limit to how far we should go but we are happy with the apprecation of the public for the band.

1Cool What are some of the other bands that you RESPECT in the Haitian music industry? Why?

ALEX: Tabou Combo / Coupe Cloue / System Band

19) Has Georgy played her last gig with the group Zin as far as you're concerned?


20) Any final words for your fans?

ALEX: We are always thrilled with people with talent. We think that our fans are talented because they appreciate good music. We love them for that and we will continue providing them with more hit songs for them to appreciate. We want our fans to keep sending us their suggestions and criticisms so we could better entertain them.
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