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PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 10:01 pm    Post subject: MICKAEL GUIRAND CARIMI INTERVIEW ON HIS BREAK & KANAVAL! Reply with quote


KM spoke to MICKAEL GUIRAND today about his recent hiatus as well as Carimi's current carnival. Check it out below.

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: Mike....u scared thousands and thousands of Carimi fans in December homie. Is everything cool now and they can RELAX about the future of the group? Lol
MICKAEL: "I wish I can say it was a scare.. in 22 years in the biznis, I had never made a decision like this. I was truly honest and truthful about my decision. I think both notes covered it.. but today I think we are good... no more scares."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: I'm sure you were following everything that was going on throughout your hiatus. How did you feel to see so many stupid rumors going around about your situation. Did you ever feel the urge to release a statement way before the official statement that you dropped to answer those rumors?
MICKAEL GUIRAND: "Actually I disconnected from the whole social media during pretty much the whole time. I didn't expect any better if you ask me. If i didn't go back, I would have not released anything if u want me to be honest. "Haitien fo nan voye monte"... So after meeting with the guys and we all agreed that if I stayed out, there would probably be no band to come back to after the break, I had to make a decision.

Let's not minimize the pressure from the fans... no disrespect to Mika, but he was in the same situation that Pipo was with Nu Look after Gazzman... not at all an easy one nor one that is fair to his talent and his true abilities as a front man... so mwen tounen... case closed."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: You were pretty much given an ultimatum is what you saying? You also agreed that it was RIGHT?
MICKAEL GUIRAND: "It was a decision made for the best interest of the band.. no ultimatum was given to me."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: When you took the hiatus, did you pretty much have an idea that on such and such a date might be the time to make my return? KM had some key possible dates for your possible return, and I must say that we had the FRANCE tour as our second pick. Lol
MICKAEL GUIRAND: "When I took the break I needed at least months; but ur dates were relevant... so I guess ou te fai meeting ak neg yo avan yo te meet avem... lol."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: Did you miss the stage at all during your time away, or was it a point where you had been onstage for so many years you just needed the break and did not really miss it that much?
MICKAEL GUIRAND: Se yon break pipi neg yo kitem pran... didnt really have time to miss it.. I love the stage and will always love it... Just taking it slowly now."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: It must be good for the ego of any artist when fans say that a popular band, or any popular band for that matter, is not the same without you. Keep it real; all modesty aside, did that go straight to the heart when you saw these messages all over?
MICKAEL: "It only shows how my hard work is appreciated as a lead singer and an artist in this industry. Carimi was never sold as a one artist band but more as a unit... i'm forever thankful for the overwhelming love and appreciation."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: Did you speak to any musicians outside of your band during the break to talk or get advice; before deciding to return?
MICKAEL: Many musicians showed me love when I came back but the decision to come back was mine and only mine."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: After so many years of doing the same thing, doing the same shows, going to the same venues, how do you keep the fire inside burning? It's completely understandable if one gets burned out emotionally....no? What's the secret?
MICKAEL: "Ane saa ap ap fai nou 15 ans avek Carimi e 22 ans nan biznis lan... pa gen secret ladanl... depi ou bay public la satisfaction, public a ap toujou mache avew. You set your goals and do everything in your power to get to them. Look at Carimi at the carnaval in Haiti now."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: Where do you rank the latest carnival from you guys from the ones that you have done in your career as a group?
MICKAEL: "I don't rank them. I see it more as an extra step to get to our ultimate goal. Kanaval la beton ampil and will do a lot of damage. The feedback is insane, thats all I can say."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: Ultimate goal? What would that be?
MICKAEL: "Right now my goal os to get better and keep a proper balance between personal and professional... the rest will follow."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: Let me ask you this because I can never get a straight answer in regards to this one. Are you guys in a carnival polemik with Kreyol La or not? EN SOUDINE perhaps? Lol
Mickael: Pa gen soudine.. pa gen polemik.. nou te monte vit sou yo deja... fanatik yo renmen mete nou youn kampe an fas lot, nou pa gen problem ak sa... men si ou gade bien, objectif nou nan kanaval la se top la... nou paka ret sou rout."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: From all the carnivals that have been released so far from the COMPAS bands....do you believe that CARIMI has the best one? MICKAEL: "BY FAR... ou ka pi fleuri pasem, but we all know that has nothing to do with the 3 days. Gen moun kap fai kanaval pou salon... nou fai kanaval pou beton. When You have a responsibility to be on a float every year, fok kanaval la beton e reponn ak exigence beton an... ou ka bel men pa POUBEL."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: You guys have great chemistry when it comes to carnivals with MIKABEN; but if push comes to shove and for some reason you had to do a carnival without his participation; how do you think you guys would deliver?
MICKAEL: "Azibido and Zandolit were without Mika but I will tell you that Mika and us have hit gold when it comes to karnaval. I like it... I like what he brings to the table more as a producer than an actual singer.. Neg yo travay bien ampil ansanm... ane saa goal again anko."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: Final message to the fans.
MICKAEL: "Tk you for the love and support... no one is perfect in life and everybody makes mistakes. I'm happy to be back fully in the band. Mesi pou tap la... "Depiw panche dadaw pran tap"."

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E-Mail: Kompamagazine@gmail.com

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