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PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:15 am    Post subject: D-LUX: THE KOMPA MAGAZINE INTRODUCTION INTERVIEW! Reply with quote

They hail out of CHICAGO, and they recently released their debut single on KM entitled "MWEN MALADE". Now it's time for the INTRODUCTION INTERVIEW KM Style.....READ IT BELOW!

1) Tell us a bit about the group D-LUXE and how you guys got together?

D-LUX: The band D-Lux came when our band leader and drummer Daniel, was playing with a band call "sakad" and things didn't work out. He felt like the chemistry that he was looking was lacking. Daniel contacted our musicians individually and proposed forming "D-Lux" with the "Nouvelle Generation" sound.

1A) You guys chose MIKE as your lead vocalist. Any particular reason? What did you see in him?

D-LUX: Well, some people may think that we (D-lux) or even the other bands in the HMI tried to have Mike on board because of his looks...
However, we chose Mike because of what he has to offer to the band. He is a very talented musician, singer, and writer. We can't wait to unleash him to the masses when we're playing live in markets such as Miami, New York, Haiti ect...

Mike keeps it real, and is very business savvy as well. Don't get me wrong it's always a plus to have good looking front man for the ladies but the fan will discover more than looks in Mike. "Avanse sou Djazz la" Smile

2) What style of music would you categorize yourselves as playing? If you were to choose a current HMI group on the market that you
sound the closest to, who would it be? Who would you say are your influences musically?

D-LUX: We play both slow tempo love songs and hot tempo kompa.
We have great respect for our fellow musicians in the HMI, having said that we believe that we have our own sound and color. We don't try to sound like a specific band in the HMI market simply to avoid duplicity. Even when interpreting another band's song, it is going to sound D-Lux. Our structure is “ban deye, 2 keys, 1 guitar, bass and one front man.

There are so many great bands in the market now, that would be very hard to pick one or two as our model. Our main target is the fans expectations.

2A) Do you believe the fact that you are in CHICAGO, a place not exactly known as an HMI hot bed, CAN hurt the group in terms of being taken seriously or not?

D-LUX: The Chicago market is not as saturated as Florida, NY and Boston. However, every journey has to start somewhere. Furthermore, we don't think that our location should really matter provided we're playing good music, pleasing our audience, fe moun danse, we should be taking serious.......

3) Do you believe that the HMI public gives a fair chance to unproven/new bands? Why or why not?

D-LUX: It is challenging breaking through in the HMI. The fans “kon gou bouch yo”, thus if a band has a quality product with a little bit of something new that another band is not already doing then I think the fans will give you a chance and listen to the second single, and album.

4) Your musical influences are.....

D-LUX: We listen to good music irrespective of the artist. Some of us listen to Belo, some of us listen to Nu look, Top Adler, Zenglen, Krezi, T-vice, Carimi, system ect....like I said, as long as it is good music...

5) Convince a fan that knows nothing about your group WHY they should give you guys a chance to win them over.

D-LUX: Well, the answer to your question Pat I would ask the fans out there to listen to the story telling, the content of our songs and our sound. We give you more than one verse and a chorus and a solo then repeat it over and over like some other bands do. We believe that we do deserve a chance so I ask that people listen to our music and support the band.
Thanks for the good feedback thus far from the KM fans.

6) The state of the HMI right now as we speak. Is it HEALTHY or SUFFERING in your opinion? Why?

D-LUX: I wouldn't say it is suffering, however there are a few things that can be improved because It is not 100% healthy. I feel like there is a lack of loyalty amongst musicians. Jodi'a on neg nan djazz sa, demin li kite epi li nan yon lot djazz. Back in the days, either you were playing for DJ Express or you were Scorpio. We have not seen the type of longevity that bands like, Tabou Combo, Skah shah represented in a long time. Promoteur avek produceur blofe ampil to wi. Smile

7) Why did you guys choose the name D-LUXE? Does it stand for something in particular?

D-LUX: We were brainstorming and had a few different names and finally we agreed on D-Lux.

Cool Any final words?

D-LUX: We want to thank the fans on the board for the their feedback whether they're members or not. Without them our work would be worthless.

We want to thank KompaMagazine and you Pat for this opportunity. Keep up the good work Pat.
Phone: (646) 529-5735
E-Mail: Kompamagazine@gmail.com

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