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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:35 pm    Post subject: JESSIE AL-KHAL (2001 YEAR) Reply with quote

Jessie Al-Khal
Mother/Manager of T-Vice
Interview conducted by Patrick Desvarieux

Jessie Al-Khal

KM: What's new in the T-VICE camp? What can we expect for the rest of the year from T-VICE?

Jessie: There is a new live CD coming out entitled "The real deal". It is really good, We're traveling to France on the 2nd and 3rd of June this time to play at the "Zenith" in Paris, We'll be touring a different State or different country each weekend till the end of the year also we have a new video on the way, and at the end of the year the New CD (studio) will be coming out.

KM: Is T-VICE #1 in the Haitian market right now? If yes, why do you think that is? In other words, what is it that T-VICE does that other bands don't that makes them the top group in the industry?

Jessie: I feel that is an answer to be answered by the fans and the whole public in general not the management. T-Vice is very disciplined and we are like a big family.

KM: A lot of people say that Jessie Al-Khal is one of the main reasons why T-VICE is on top right now. Do you agree or not? To what extent do you believe that your presence in the business has contributed to the success of T-VICE?

Jessie: In all successful businesses it takes leadership to be successful and I provide that, however it took more than that to take us where we are now...the fans, the musicians and you Patrick the Media (Laughs)

KM: Did you ever in your wildest dreams believe that T-VICE would be as successful as you guys are today when you first started?

Jessie: Absolutely

KM: You know how conservative Haitian parents are. How did you respond when Roberto and Reynaldo told you that music was what they wanted to do as a career?

Jessie: It was an honor coming from a music family, Haitian musicians are loved and respected so I was more than supportive

KM: When did you actually start thinking that there might be something brewing here in terms of them becoming really popular on the market? Was there a particular event or something that made you say "You know what, this might be going somewhere"?

Jessie: Well everything happened so fast and naturally that I didn't even have time to think about anything.

KM: How difficult is it for you as a woman in this business? I know it might not be difficult now because you guys are popular, but before when the guys first started, was Jessie Al-Khal taken seriously by people in the business?

Jessie: Yes I was always taken seriously. Yes I was always taken seriously from the beginning, when you love what you are doing it's never too difficult

KM: How does it make you feel when certain people disrespect the band by saying that they are not "real" musicians or that Roberto does not sing well etc...? This is YOUR CHANCE to respond to these critics.

Jessie: Well Patrick you can never please everybody! But since you said it was my chance to talk, I would say that I am proud of my boys and the band, they are doing a great job! As far as Roberto not singing well, first of all he has improved a lot and he knows he has to keep on working in order to achieve his highest goal and he is! I was the one that encouraged him to sing and he is doing a good job at it right now.

KM: To what extent do you believe that Robert Martino's legacy/name in the business has helped T-Vice up to this point?

Jessie: In the beginning the name Martino brought a lot of respect and attention, but they would not have lasted to the year 2001 if they did not have talent and determination.

KM: Jessie Al-Khal is the FRONTPERSON for the T-VICE crew in terms of dealing with promoters, the press, public relations and all. How does that make you feel however when they really have to say something negative about the band, it seems like the brunt of the criticism or the rage of certain individuals seem to fall on you. Do you agree or not? Why do you think that happens?

Jessie: I am disappointed to hear personal attacks in the musical business there has to be a line between business and personal.

KM: Are you popular, respected or both in the business? If you had a choice of being either popular or respected, what would it be and why?

Jessie: Both and I love it that way

KM: Let's change the subject a little bit. How was your experience at Carnival this year, especially with all the stuff that went down involving T-Vice and Sweet Micky? What do you want to say about that?

Jessie: Carnaval this year was excellent for us. The boys once again delivered a hell of a performance and the fans were behind us 100%. As far as the Micky/T-Vice feud is concerned "desperate measures by a desperate man".

KM: As far as SWEET MICKY is concerned. Is the feud over between him and T-Vice according to you?

Jessie: On my side there is no feud.

KM: Is a reconciliation between both groups possible? What would have to happen in order for a reconciliation to take place IF indeed you want it to happen?

Jessie: Like I said Patrick there is a thin line between business and personal and Micky crossed that line and made it personal, so for this to be resolved it cannot be in a business setting manner.

KM: Will there EVER be a T-VICE/SWEET MICKY "bal" as far as you are concerned? Please elaborate as to why or why not.

Jessie: My last answer answered that question!

KM: A lot of people are saying that the band KONPA KREYOL is the one that will present a major challenge to T-VICE in the very near future. What do you have to say about that and do you feel offended when the comparison is made because of certain accomplishments that you feel that your group might have already done?

Jessie: The music business is a very big cake and there is enough for everybody to eat. I am very happy and hope they continue to work. I wish them the best.

KM: What is your opinion of KONPA KREYOL?

Jessie: I don't know really. I haven't heard them enough to judge. I've only heard them once when we played together in December.

KM: Was there some sort of controversy that took place in Haiti when T-VICE played with KONPA KREYOL on Dec 27th of last year? What happened?

Jessie: Basically it was a one hour set for each band to play on two separate stages, and for whatever reason their hour was up and they decided to not stop playing! Our fans got furious and started saying some stuff and that started a friction. We were not very happy about that, but after that Rey and Roberto talked to the guys of Kompa Kreyol and resolved everything peacefully.

KM: When can we expect another T-VICE/KONPA KREYOL?

Jessie: Very soon in the US!

KM: Is T-VICE the band that will make Haitian music cross over? Why or why not?

Jessie: I am working for that. It is my goal!

KM: Is Jessie retiring any time soon? Does she get tired of the business sometimes?

Jessie: Why Patrick am I that old? Never! I love the job and that is the key to my success,

KM: Who is Jessie's idol in life? What about in Haitian music IF indeed she listens to Haitian music (Laughs)

Jessie: My mother and father are my Idols, and in Haitian music I can say Robert Martino of course.

KM: Is there a motto or slogan that you live by? What is it?

Jessie: I am a fighter and when you love and believe in something you have to fight for it

KM: What three to five INDIVIDUAL words best describe Jessie Al-Khal?

Jessie: Loyal, Proud, Honest, Respectful and Leadership.

KM: Any final words to the T-Vice fans and fans of Haitian music in particular?

Jessie: Thank you for supporting my children and the T-Vice members. To all Haitian music fans keep supporting compas in every way possible.....Thanks to you Patrick for giving me a place to express myself and keep on doing a great job!
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