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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:27 pm    Post subject: ROBERTO MARTINO ON MIN MEDIKAMAN CD! Reply with quote

Roberto Martino
Interview conducted by Patrick Desvarieux

Roberto Martino

1) Roberto, tell us about the new CD "Min Medikaman-an"? How many songs are on there, and which songs are some of your favorites on there? Please give us some song titles.

ROBERTO: Ok. The CD has 9 tracks meaning 1 Introduction and 8 songs.Some Titles are:"The Look in your eyes", "Gason Makome", "Sim Te Konnin", "Peyi mwen(Remix)" ,and "Adoration'm". The rest is a surprise.

2) How do you expect this CD to do compared to the success of your last one?

ROBERTO: Well I expect this CD to be much more appreciated than "Banm Tvice Mwen" because the band has matured so much and all the songs on this CD have the capability of being a hit! Well, we worked very hard and hope that the fans will love the work, but then again we have to wait and see.

3) Were you under a lot of pressure to do this CD?

ROBERTO: Of course I was under pressure. After composing great hits such as "Loving you", "Sensation", and "Sam fe map peye", T-Vice is in competition with ourselves now! Not only is everybody expecting us to do a better CD now, it's not easy. i think we did it. "Mwen panse nou leve defi ya".

4) Are there any songs directed in the direction of Sweet Micky on the new CD?

ROBERTO: Well we didnt make a song specifically for Micky but i think that with the "Gason Makome" lyrics you can associate it with his character and his way of badmouthing us all the time. We dont believe in cursing but i think that "Gason Makome" is well done We'll explain to the public that all those people talking trash about us all the time are "Gason Makomes"

5) Are there any music videos coming up?

ROBERTO: Yes. We just finished shooting the video for "Min Medikaman an". The video will be released with the CD next Friday. It's gonna be HOT!

6) When will you actually start performing the new songs at your "Live" performances?

ROBERTO: Well, we'll start playing the new songs as soon as the CD comes out maybe in the BAhamas next week.

7) How was your experience at the Haitian Compas Festival this year? Were you satisfied with your performance?

ROBERTO: Well it was a great experience for me. I thank all the fans that came to support us because they were the ones that made us perform so well. I was indeed very satisfied with my performance because we moved the crowd from the first song till the last, especially with the grand entrance that we made! We would like to thank Noel &Cecibon for giving us the chance to do our thing one more time this year at the festival

8) What about the Carnival in Haiti in March? How do you think you guys did over there?

ROBERTO: Well I think we did great! We had alot of people following us all three days and the stands were going off the hook! We had a good team working with us. We came out strong and did our thing. I think all the T-Vice fans are more relaxed now since the carnaval.

9) Will you participate at the Labor Day Carnival in New York this September?

ROBERTO: We started this movement on the parkway and I dont see why we wouldn't be out there again this year. Eastern Parkway has been there for years and no other bands from Haiti ever participated in it but now since T-Vice made a revelation last year, I hear this year everybody wants to go and play there. Well, we'll be waiting to see what happens, but one thing I have to say is "T-Vice toujou la pou fe example"

10) T-Vice has been getting a lot of attention from the international community. Why do you think that is, and how does that make you feel?

ROBERTO: Well I think everyone can dance to the T-Vice groove, not only us Haitians. Our music has gone all over the world. There's a beginning for everything, so I hope we can make Compas cross over to the international market. It makes me feel very good to know that I'm doing such a big honor for my Country!

11) Do you think a lot of bands, or should I say certain bands are jealous of T-Vice? If yes, why do you think that is?

ROBERTO: I think everywhere you will find jealousy and that's perfectly normal in our case. T-Vice are a group of young guys, a lot of women like us so right there you have the player haters coming in. Businesswise, there are bands that use to shine and be the only ones making headlines in the business, now since the emergence of T-Vice they are no longer the topic of conversation anymore, so that really gets the jealousy going. To finish my point, certain bands always complain to promoters about how much money we get paid and stuff, so that shows you that jealousy is the main cause of all this hatred.

12) Here's a personal question for all of your fans. You and Reynaldo seem like two different characters. Roberto is looked upon as the outgoing, friendly, fan and media loving person. Reynaldo is looked upon as the quiet, keeps to himself, shy person. Is there anything that the two of you have in common (commun) besides your music?

ROBERTO: Well everybody has theIr own character in life. I'm more outgoing than Rey but he's a cool guy once you get to know him. He's really shy but opens up when he gets to know you. As far as what we have in common, we love Compas and we are very dedicated to our work. We take it very seriously and have a lot of discipline.

13) For the ladies, do Roberto and Reynaldo have girlfriends right now?

ROBERTO: We have friends of course. (lololol)

14) What does Roberto Martino look for in a woman?

ROBERTO: Well honesty, self confidence, and down to earth qualities..I like all kinds of women as long as we can get along with each other.

15) Is it difficult for you to have a personal life because of your popularity?

ROBERTO: Well of course. Sometimes I go out and don't even have the time to spend with my date. I always find somebody that recognizes me and we have to talk about something that has to do with music. At home 24/7 we talk about music, so it's very hard man. Very hard!

16) If you get married in the future, would you quit playing music if your wife asked you to?

ROBERTO: Well if I get married soon, it will be with someone who understands my situation and also someone who will be with me for who I am as an individual.

17) Is there a realistic chance that T-Vice will crossover to the American market by playing Haitian music?

ROBERTO MARTINO: Well I dont think there's a big chance with the Compas beat being the way it is. Maybe with some new kind of flavor and some English lyrics you never know. You can be sure that I will try before I end my music carreer because this is my whole dream.

1Cool How long do you see you guys playing music?

ROBERTO MARTINO: Maybe another 5 years. After 5 years, I think I'll just stay in the music business doing anything related to music. As far as travelling every weekend and playing three to four times a week, that'll be over!

19) What is your opinion on the following three groups? Kdans?

ROBERTO MARTINO: Kdans I think has made a lot of effort because their groove is way better now as they have matured. Tthey have nice songs, I just think they need a new album right now.

19a) Ti Doz?

ROBERTO MARTINO: Ti Doz, I liked a few songs off of their CD. I think they need to work on their live performances to try to establish their own identity, but they are still young and have a lot of time in front of them.

19b) Konpa Kreyol?

ROBERTO MARTINO: Kompa Keyol, they have a nice album, but i still think they need to work on their live performances. Then again they are a young group and they'll get to know each other better by playing over and over. I really think they love what they are doing especially "Ti Joe" (lead singer) but he has to come with a new flavor and establish his originality in order to go further. I really wish all of them well because like I said in one of my songs, "PLace a la Jeunesse".

20) Any final words for your fans?

ROBERTO MARTINO: My final words are that I thank you Pat for giving me this interview and for promoting Compas music so much with your great website and your wonderful Magazine.

To all my fans, I dedicate this new CD that I worked so hard for them. I hope they will love it. As far as the people going to Haiti, I'll see you all down there for the Summer. I also want to thank my fans for always sticking by me although they tried to break that bond with all those fake rumors. It didnt work and now, we are closer than ever!

Min medikaman an tout moun all Achete prescription nou!!!!!!!!!!
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