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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:21 pm    Post subject: DEGA MAESTRO CARL FRED ON DEGA UNDERGROUND STATUS! Reply with quote

Carl Frederic Berhmann (Dega)
Interview conducted by Patrick Desvarieux

Carl Frederic Berhmann

The group DEGA is one of the most talked about groups "UNDERGROUND" in the Haitian music industry. They are getting set to release their much anticipated debut release later this year. KM.COM talks to DEGA leader/maestro Carl Fred about his band, the "rumored" (or is it) rivalry with Konpa Kreyol and more. Check it out.

KM: Tell us about DEGA. Introduce us to DEGA.

C.F.B: Dega is a four person band settled in Haiti. Dega has been here since 1995 but we had decided not to go public until everyone in the band is done with school and stable in the same place. Now we are all in Haiti and ready to go out.

KM: What are you guys up to now? When can we expect the first CD to be released?
C.F.B: We are adding the final touches on our album. Two songs of Dega 1) "rencontre" 2) "Circonstance" with Ti Doz are out to give a feel of what we are about. We tend to release the album sometime after the summer.

KM: Please tell us more of what we should expect on the CD?

C.F.B: What you should expect from our CD is what we in Dega call "MIZIK KALITE", which in other words bon bagay. We will incorporate many modern grooves, strong lyrics, and definitely personality.

KM: The buzz for DEGA has been amazing for a group that does not have a CD out yet on the market. Why do you think that is?

C.F.B: Well that is because we play music for the love of it. Not for the money. It is not a business for us, well yet anyway. The music comes from our heart and soul. That is why when people come hear us play they feel at peace and comfortable. We love our fans and will continue to work for them.

KM: We understand that you just came back from a tour of Haiti for the Christmas Holidays. Please tell us about that.

C.F.B: Christmas was good for us but we didn't play that much because we were focusing on our CD. On the 26th we played in the cool mist of Kenscoff where the vibe was very relaxed. For New Year's, we had the biggest night in Haiti. Ti Doz opened the night beautifully with their tight sounds, and Michael Benjamin gave an inspirational touch of what his CD is all about. I must say I was very satisfied.

KM: Where is the band based for those of us that don't know, and when can we expect to see some "LIVE" performances from you guys here in the States?

C.F.B: The band is based in Haiti. We plan on playing in the States a couple months after the release of the CD.

KM: Your song with Ti Doz "Circonstances" on the KOMPA GROOVES 1 CD was one of the most popular songs on the record. How did that collaboration come about? Can we expect the song on the CD?

C.F.B: Well Ti Doz and Dega are extremely close. We share our thoughts and ideas musically. Jeff and I composed that song while in college. It is sweet but not finished. We have many many more surprises coming in the future.

KM: Which bands do you like or listen to in the Haitian music industry?

C.F.B: Number one: Mizik Mizik. I must say that I love their last album. They never cease to surprise me. Amazing work. Number two: Zenglen: what originality. Number three: TVICE. I must give them my full respect. They deserve it. They continue to sound great and improve day by day. Keep it up.

KM: Which musician is your idol in the Haitian music industry and why?

C.F.B: My idol in the Haitian music industry is Fabrice Rouzier because set aside from being a musical genius he always is honest when helping fellow musicians. His keyboard and piano licks always make me go crazy.

KM: We hear that there seems to be some sort of friction or beef between DEGA and Konpa Kreyol. Can you please elaborate on that? Quite a few people in the know are talking about that.

C.F.B: Well people are talking about it because Konpa Kreyol's guitar player "Lulu" used to play with us for two and a half years. Then he left to go to Konpa Kreyol. I guess he had his reasons. So the typical sound that Dega had went to Konpa Kreyol. Because the guitar is a leading role in Konpa. So many people want to create some friction between us. But I must admit i would like to be in their place, playing as much and the works. They came out at the perfect time. We will face each other one day, that I know. I am looking forward to it. But nothing personal is really going on. Anyway, without competition how can the product be good? We need it to get on our feet and work hard.

KM: Do you ever see a reconciliation of both bands?

C.F.B: To have a reconciliation you have to have a problem first and there is no problem between us. I go see them play and they also come see me play.

KM: Any final words?

C.F.B:Well keep and eye and ear out for us. We are working hard to satisfy everyone. And trust me we will. Dega "ENVAYI LA TE"
Phone: (646) 529-5735
E-Mail: Kompamagazine@gmail.com

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