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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:06 pm    Post subject: REYNALDO MARTINO ON MIN MEDIKAMAN CD & MORE (2000)! Reply with quote

Reynaldo Martino of T-Vice
Interview conducted by Patrick Desvarieux

Reynaldo Martino

He's known as the quiet one,the reclusive one, the reserved one from the popular T-Vice crew. In an EXCLUSIVE interview KM speaks to the "maestro" Reynaldo Martino.

1) Reynaldo, how are you? How is the T-Vice tour of Haiti going so far?

Reynaldo: First of all I want to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak out to the fans Pat. I also want to congratulate you on the magazine and the website. As for me I'm doing great. The T-Vice Haiti tour is going very well so far. The parties are packed in the capital and in the provinces.

2) What is the reaction that you have received from the fans regarding the new CD "Min Medikaman"
Reynaldo: The reaction is very positive. It's only been three weeks and songs like "Gason Makome" and "Min Medikaman-an" are already big hits at private parties and also at T-Vice bals in Haiti, so I can say that the fans are really enjoying the CD.

3) Do you think T-Vice's music has improved to another level with the new CD?

Reynaldo: Yes I think we have matured a lot and the groove is definitely improving. If you listen carefully you should see what I'm talking about.

4) What is your favorite song on the T-Vice CD?

Reynaldo: Well my favorite songs are "Adoration'm", "Kem Kape Bat", and "Gason Makome" of course. (LOL) "Min Medikaman" for "bals" is my favorite though.

5) Did T-Vice have to answer Sweet Micky on this record? Some people say that by answering him, you fell into his trap. "Se sa ke li te vle ke nou fe". What do you say to that?

Reynaldo: Well, I don't think we answered Micky directly. We made a song that suited his character and everybody thought it was for him. As far as people talking, they can say whatever they want, but we know what we're doing and trust me we didn't fall into a trap.

6) How long do you think this feud will continue?

Reynaldo: Well I don't care right now because I don't think about him and this feud does not interest me. I'm just playing music and satisfying my fans. If he wants to continue talking and make threats that's his problem. We don't even worry about those things anymore.

7) What is your reaction when you hear that Micky is badmouthing your mother at his bals?

Reynaldo: Well I laugh that's all. Since I was younger they always told me that if someone is badmouthing you that means you are doing something good. He's just looking for attention and I feel sorry for him that's all

8) Do you think a lot of bands are jealous of T-Vice because of your popularity?

Reynaldo: Of course you will find bands that are happy for us and some that are jealous.

9) What are some of the other Haitian bands that Reynaldo likes to listen to besides T-Vice?

Reynaldo: Top Vice, System, Zenglen, Zin, Tabou, and of course T-Vice (LOL)

10) Reynaldo is known as the quiet guy in the group. Is it that Reynaldo does not like to deal with the fans too much or is it Reynaldo is just shy?

Reynaldo: Everybody has their own character. I'm not shy, I just don't open up that easily to people and this is just the way I am. If you come talk to me you will see that I'm the most down to earth person, and I love my fans.

11) If we asked you to compare the personality differences between Reynaldo and Roberto. What would you say? How are Reynaldo and Roberto different?

Reynaldo: Well like I said everybody is different. Roberto talks more and opens up more often. "Li pale ampil" he talks a lot, me I'm just the quiet type.

12) The talk of the industry is that T-Vice changed record labels. They went from Antilles Mizik to Nouvel Jenerasyon. What happened?

Reynaldo: Well nothing happened. This happens quite often in the business, and because it was T-Vice it made a lot of noise as usual. We have no problem with Antilles Mizik. We just had a price for our CD and Nouvel Jenerasyon agreed to pay it and showed more interest in the CD so we gave it to them. So far we are very happy with our choice .

13) This is for the ladies out there that want to know. Does Reynaldo have a girlfriend or is he single?

Reynaldo: Yes Reynaldo has a girl. He's human remember. (Laughs)

14) What is Reynaldo's favorite T-Vice song so far? Why?

Reynaldo: Well I have a few favorites like "Deception", "Tu me touches", "Kem Kape Bat", "Adoration'm", "Gason Makome", "Medikaman-an".

15) If you get married and your wife asks you to leave music. Would you do it?

Reynaldo: Never

16) Do you ever see T-Vice performing as a full band in the future? In other words with live drums, another guitar player, keyboard player.

Reynaldo: You don't change a winning team. I don't see T-Vice in any other way than the way it is right now. .The fans like it like that it will remain like that. If not it won't be T-Vice anymore.

17) What is T-Vice's formula for success?

Reynaldo: Discipline, respect for the public and hard work.

1Cool Can T-Vice cross over to the American market with Compas music?

Reynaldo: Well, we will try but it will not be easy.

19) What do you think of the following upcoming groups?

a) Konpa Kreyol b) Ti Doz c) Ti Kabzy

Reynaldo: I think there is potential, I just think that they need to find more originality that's all.

20) Any final words to the fans?

Reynaldo: My final word is that I want to thank all my fans around the world for always sticking by me and believing in me. I love you all. Thank you Pat keep it real man. Epi that's it.
Phone: (646) 529-5735
E-Mail: Kompamagazine@gmail.com

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