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ATLANTA promoter JOHNNY C. talks about RAM show!

ATLANTA promoter JOHNNY C. talks about RAM show!

Postby kompamagazine » Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:37 pm


*KOMPA MAGAZINE: Johnny.... what can you tell us about the upcoming RAM party in Atlanta?
Johnny C. Atlanta Promoter: "Patrick, we can tell you that we have people who are calling us from different states about the event. We do believe the Atlanta Haitian community is going to enjoy a great night of Haitian Racine and Folklore. Our goal is to promote diversity in the Atlanta Haitian community by bringing different arts/entertainment to everyone. We will have Mitou from Esans Kreyol perform that night."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: Was there a reason that you went with RAM in particular or no?
Johnny C. Atlanta Promoter: "We want to bring diversity because we did not want to bring the same bands to Atlanta. People are tired of attending the events for the same bands every 3 months."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: Are YOU the promoter who is going to prove that the Atlanta Haitian nightlife is NOT just about COMPAS music?
Johnny C. Atlanta Promoter: "You can see that we have scheduled different events such comedy, gospel concert and kompa. It is not only about kompa for us. We are a business. Our business is fully license and registered in Georgia."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: Do you think other promoters in the area are scared to take a chance with bands that are not COMPAS?
Johnny C. Atlanta Promoter: We only focus on our company and not other individuals."

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