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OLD SCHOOL MEMORY LANE! (February 10 Volume 2!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2016 6:27 pm
by kompamagazine
We're back with the second edition of our OLD SCHOOL MEMORY LANE


FRERES DEJEAN - Que Viva La Musica (Lionel Benjamin vocals) ... min-vocals

This was a huge hit for LES FRERES DEJEAN. It features vocalist LIONEL BENJAMIN on the lead....and I believe he was just a guest. One of my favorite tracks from this legendary group."How U Doing Baby"....LOL


PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2016 7:03 pm
by kompamagazine

Les Difficiles De Petion Ville - An Septieme! ... n-septieme

"KRIK KRAK...RONRON RONRON...RARA RARA". What I love about this DIFFICILE de Petion-Ville track is how after a short lead vocal intro from vocalist HENRI CELESTIN, it's a song that's basically led by the different CHORUES and the GUITAR...and U NEVER GET TIRED OF IT because it's extremely catchy and the guitar is intoxicating. Eddy Wooley doing the magic on there on this one because Robert Martino had long departed. Also listen to the simple but yet POWERFUL "1-2" Bass line from PORKY (Dad of Stanley from Kreyol La)



Re: OLD SCHOOL MEMORY LANE! (February 10 Volume 2!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:31 pm
by DEntertainment
Well Pat first of all congratulations on the new board although I'm still learning how to navigate through it lol and thanks for re-activating my acct on time for me to put my comments on my favorite thread on KM board: OLD SCHOOL MEMORY LANE. lol..

Well well well LES FRERES DEJEAN album "NON STOP" 1980. First let me say that I like your choice of "Que Viva la Musica" mwen renmen koral sa ki di "Pa gadem sou kote pa gade'm amba chal" great HIT song as you said especially with Mr Lionel Benjamin singing but my favorite song on the album is "GLADIA" OMG what a song: Se "koupe'm sa sa pa gade'm sa" lol wouchhh Koral malè. Now at the 2:32 mark Ti Polis did some magic amba koral sa ki di: "Ou pata fem sa wo wal mare komplo sou do mwen" which truly show how great the guy really was R.I.P brother you are truly missed.

Now that album and GLADIA a Mega-hit really did Les Freres Dejean great justice especially after the group lost some great musicians such as Isnard Douby, Harold Joseph, Ernst Vincent, Lesly Douby, Durcys Dubuisson the year prior and after the great success that they had with the album L'UNIVERS that was a MEGA-HIT album with songs like: Naide, Experience, Yoyo, Humanite and off course the title of the album L'univers; but also they were able to acquire musicians like Josué Fortuné great bass player who later was gonna be part of DIXIE BAND with the legend TUCO BOUZI in 1982 etc..They also added Casimir Alliance(Ti Kazo) who later became the superstar of the group even had a chance to drop some vocal on GLADIA also then Willy Mathieu and Etzer Yacinte at the vocals. One thing for sure that was always there regardless of who leaves and who comes, was the DEJEAN HORN SECTION SIGNATURE that sweet and clear sound of the cuivres, the magical duo of Fred and Andre..Yess. Still they added trumpet player Pierrot Henri there too..Wow what else can I say? Great simply great..Well Pat ou fèl ankò wi nan chwa album sa..6eme des Freres Dejean overall..

Now LES DIFFICILES "An Septieme" great song off the 2nd album of Les Difficiles 1972 and yes you're right Pat from start to finish this song is fun full of great Chorus and some of them stuck with you "Ti bout kouto" I love it. Also an other thing about that 2nd album is that the young Eddy Wooley fèk ateri pou vin ramplase Robert Martino who left after recorded the very first album CE LA VIE (gro tonton album) in 1970. Eske se avek Robert neg yo tap pale nan mizik "Pou yon bon zanmi an"? "Toto ou pa bezwen kriye,Toto volè, volè volè" lol Don't know...Anyway Eddy Wooley new sheriff in town and we all know what happened after that epi tou Philippe Denis (Gong) debake tou avek Harry Alexandre(Tambour) epi Nassim Halloun ki vin fè djazz la on Kache Kache Lubin lol..6eme mizik tou wi sou album

Pat thanks keep them coming brother lol..