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KM MEMBERS (We had to bring this back on there)


*LANGUAGE: No Profanity. You can agree to disagree with certain members, but not to the point where you have to use some profanity to get your point across.

*NO ADVERTISING:No advertising of any kind without authorization. Whether it's for Parties, radio stations, websites or anything. If you want to advertise something on this board please contact

*DOUBLE AGENTS: You are allowed only ONE username on the Board. If for any reason that we find out that a poster is using more than one name, he/she will automatically be banned from the board. I have a list of IP Addresses next to the names of the different members of the board.

*WHERE IS SO AND SO: Please keep these posts off the board. Where is so and so. If you want to know, I am sure you can drop that person an e-mail to see how they are doing.

*MP3 TRACKS: Unless it's a blast from the past or Live track by popular band, please do not add any MP3 tracks for any band/artist unless approved by KM. Bands are more than welcome to advertise their products with KM by asking for a promotional pkg.

*BRINGING BACK OLD POSTS: Unless you have a valid reason for bringing it back, DO NOT BRING BACK OLD POSTS, or posts that are no longer on the first page for a few days. That includes even if you were not there for those days to comment on it. If you have valuable information or comments pertaining to the subject, it's ok, but if not, be fair to the members of the board that were there and read the post from so many days go. Do not bring it back.

*NEW/JUST RELEASED CD COVERS: If it's not being advertised on KM, and unless it is posted by us, please do NOT post any pictures of new cds on the board. That amounts to an advertisement. Please understand that we welcome every band that would like to get more exposure by taking a promotional pkg. That includes fans not using those pics as avatars.

*NEW/JUST RELEASED SINGLES: If it has not been released to KM from the owners of the song and it is released...Do not talk about it. It will be taken off.

*NO SPAMMING OF POSTS FROM SITE TO SITE: One of the things that we are proud of is that we like to have our own identity. That's what has made KM what it is today ever since we started in 1997. On the board, we would really appreciate if some posters do NOT take posts from other MUSIC sites to come and place them on our site. Vice versa as well. It's only a matter of respect for all parties involved. Plus if you are a member of many different music sites, we also would prefer that you do not post the same threads that you are posting in other places over here simply because if everybody starts doing that...we would lose our identity and flavor, and that's what differenciates us from others. You decide where you feel it's best for you to go with your thread where you feel it will get the most views/comments. If it's for a band with a PRESS RELEASE...THEY CAN DO THAT or their P.R can. Not a regular member/poster.

*VISUAL SALUTES: NO VISUAL SALUTES should be STARTED by any member of the board for the sake of marketting purposes. ALL VISUAL SALUTES are to be done by KOMPA MAGAZINE when it comes to an artist.

*KEEPING THE POSTS ALIVE BY ONESELF: If you are just commenting over and over again for the sole purpose of what we call "BALI GAZZ" ...just for the purpose of keeping a post or your posts on top or on the first page...WE WILL DELETE IT.

When some members started posting MP3's on the board in the MUSIC SECTION, I was all for it with caution. I feared that it might go overboard someday with several posts being MP3's or songs on YOU TUBE. Sometime this week, almost half the posts in the music section were MP3's with several posts being "Dedication to and so".

As far as YOUTUBE is concerned....MUSIC VIDEOS FROM BANDS...NO LINKS should be given here on the board. BANDS ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO SEND US THEIR MUSIC VIDEOS if they like so that we can put it for them here on the site...As far as LIVE FOOTAGE FROM BALS...THE SAME THING. If any of you have recordings that YOU TAPED, if you want to share it with others...GET IN CONTACT WITH ME FIRST SO THAT WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT...I will give you the green light most likely depending on what it is.



*Check back here from time to time to see if there are any additions.
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