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Reynaldo Martino, the incognito genius.

Reynaldo Martino, the incognito genius.

Postby shah » Fri Apr 22, 2016 11:59 am

The indulgence to write about a musician or anyone of my choosing is self-determined. However, to write about one brother and disregard the order is totally uncharacteristic of me. So my HMI personality today is Reynaldo Martino the little brother of Roberto Martino that I call the incognito genius behind TVice rise to the top of the HMI.

Reynaldo whom I never met, but I saw him on the keyboard occasionally conducting the unique groove that makes Tvice the solid bunch that they are today. The Tvice longevity in the business couldn't be possible without the solid structure that had been put in place at the infancy of the group. One of the Tvice roots that help them grow and succeed in this shaky business is the relentless and perseverance of hard word by Reynaldo Martino.

The remarkable years of Kompa Direk from the 60s to the 80s are long gone. Consequently, Reynaldo Martino and Tvice as young guns had something to do with its new era that his father was and still a part of. If anyone wonders how this young man come to be a leader of a band? That answer can be found in the genes of both parents, Mom as a current manager of the group and Dad as a maestro of his greatest achievements, first the Gypsies then Scorpio.

The average fans don't give a damn about the hard work to produce an album by any musical group but I do. And for the most part, the hours associated with the studio programming, the sequencing, the rehearsals, the number of takes at rehearsals, the recording of several songs for an album outweigh largely the weekly 9 to 5 of the average citizen.

Tvice fans get to enjoy over a twenty years span of a unique, well-refined and defined rhythm of their band. However, I am not certain that they realize the burden that has been put on this young man as a band leader. Reynaldo is quiet, reserved but revered in his craft. His skill as a keyboardist in this business is well respected by his peers. He also works with other bands in the recording studio when producing their albums. The behind the scene work by Reynaldo is what grounded Tvice to this day.

Reynaldo has convinced me that if an artist dedicates oneself to carve his or her craft, he or she will steadily progress to become an indispensable force for oneself and in the process benefit his or her musical group, in this case, Tvice. I might add, the dirty secret of some of us in the HMI is the disguise of the light and dark skinned issue that impairs the Martino brothers of a well-deserved recognition. Their father had a pass and why not them? My statement here may invoke some implacable arguments, however, as long as the conversation remains civil I welcome it.

Thank you Reynaldo for choosing that line of work which is a continuation of the Martino family contribution to this music. Congratulation for being an incognito genius in your own right. Peace!

Written by Jason Accime aka Shah
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Re: Reynaldo Martino, the incognito genius.

Postby KingDave » Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:21 pm

Reynaldo pa neg ki nan pale. His actions speak for him... Name 3 music producers in the HMI, he will be part of them in no particular order
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