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Ernst Ranponeau, the drum master!!!

Ernst Ranponeau, the drum master!!!

Postby shah » Sat Oct 14, 2017 10:37 pm

We do intend to forget the quiet and the most disciplined guy in this business. And that's the equivalent of remembering those of other nations but not our own.

Ernst Ranponeau made a name for himself by simply courting the four corners of Konpa Dired as we knew it. The way an artist creates a history for oneself is always determined and defined how he or she masters his or her instruments. Ernst Ranponeau is one of so many.

If today we seem to forget the great musicians of past years but Ernst Ranponeau is not one of those drummers to be ignored.

Mr. Ranponeau didn't begin his drummer career in Freres Dejean. Instead, he began by knocking on pieces of steel in a street band called "Minwi Minwi". It was the good old days of Port-Au-Prince when everyone was friendly to one another. Thereafter, he made his way to Freres Dejean as the original drummer in the days of " Marina". Then he joined the legendary Skahshah and that's how we have come to admire and respect this man as one of the masters of the drums.

If Smith Jean Baptiste of the Original ShleuShleu was the pioneer of the cymbals plays, then Ernst Ranponeau masters the cymbals like no other. He redefined the way a drummer must play the drums in order to have a follow-up like Richie( Klass), Jean-Maurice Mathurin (System band), Michel Blaise (a solo Artist) etc.

Ranponeau has the most fluid touch on the cymbals among all drummers. If one wants to know the difference how he plays the drums and his light sound that he instills on the cymbals as opposed to others, then listen to this record of Skahshah: "This is it". Then the discovery of his uniqueness is simply exemplary and qualitative for many years to come. Some drummers play hard on the drums and the cymbals but Ernst Ranponeau is the pillar of what a great drummer should be in the like of the late Almando keslin.

I am not sure if these old-school musicians can be easily fast forwarded from this point and beyond, however, my absolute hope is to know the new kids on the block, will have a legacy that can be as revealing as one of the masters of the drum kit like Ernst Ranponeau.

Ernst Ranponeau you will not be forgotten because this piece will be embedded on the internet to the end if there is an end. Mr. Ranponeau is now retired but he is still playing the drums for his church in Brooklyn, Newyork.

Thank you so much Ranponeau for your helping hand to our popular music" Konpa Direk.

Written by Jason Accime/Shah
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Re: Ernst Ranponeau, the drum master!!!

Postby 1Lov' » Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:37 pm

You could have elaborated a lot more on Ranponeau's Illustrious HMI Career.
I still appreciate the write-Up,
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