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DJ PAZ puts pressure on NU LOOK KLASS DISIP to DELIVER for..

PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:14 pm
by kompamagazine
We asked DJ PAZ of RADIO TOUCHEM DOUS, the following question below (Based on the note of support by HAMLER Rodney Noel in regards to alleged legal fees for influential Miami radio station RADIO TOUCHEM DOUS...who has done a lot for several Miami bands in the market...including the 3 mentioned here)

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: Would that please DJ Paz if one or more of these 3 parties would go towards a benefit concert for Radio Touchem Dous....since You have done quite a lot for the Miami bands in the industry?
A Klass/Nu Look
B Nu Look/Disip
C 3 band party Nu Look/Disip/Klass

DJ PAZ's answer is below